Beautiful Snowflake Christmas Cookies

Dec 4, 2017 By Kim Byers
Beautiful Snowflake Christmas Cookies

Baking and decorating sugar cookies during the holidays is a favorite pastime for so many families. Ever wonder how to make those intricate and beautiful snowflake sugar cookies that you see in all the bakeries? It’s actually easier than you think! Hi! I’m Kim Byers of The Celebration Shoppe. Let’s get crafty and I’ll show you how to outline, fill, pipe and decorate beautiful snowflake Christmas cookies worthy of gift baskets, parties and even Santa!


The most important tip I can give you about this art, is having the right cookie decorating tools! So let’s start by visiting your local JOANN or by shopping online for the following Wilton tools:

• Large Baking Sheet

Large Baking Sheet

Oversized Cookie Spatula

Cooling Rack

• Icing Bags & Ties

Icing Tips (sizes #2 and #3)

Icing Couplers

Candy Bottle (for flooding cookies)

• Silver and White Non-Perils• Kitchen Scissors

• Kitchen Tweezers

• Optional: Gel Food Coloring

And pick up a few things at your local grocery:

• Sugar Cookie Mix (or from scratch ingredients)

• Icing

• Wax Paper

• Toothpicks

Let’s get decorating!

Snowflake Cookie Baking and Decorating Steps:

1. Dough Prep – Mix ingredients, chill dough, roll to equal thickness and cut out shapes. Return dough to refrigerator for a minimum of 10 minutes before baking.

2. Bake – 350 degrees for 7 minutes. Immediately scoop with oversized cookie spatula and place on cooling racks.

3. Outline – Spoon icing into disposable icing bag with connector and secure with tie. Pipe an outline of the cookie shape on the snowflake cookie using a #3 icing tip. The key is to apply equal pressure the entire time you’re piping.

4. Fill – To fill your cookies, flood them with icing. Spoon icing into candy decorating bottles and heat in the microwave in two 8 second intervals. (Tip: Not 16 seconds all at once. It will be watery.)

5. Dry – Allow the cookies to dry for a minimum of three hours.

6. Pipe – Using a #2 icing tip, decorate each cookie. Remember that snowflakes are all unique, so they don’t need to be the same!

7. Decorate – Using kitchen tweezers, add perils to the snowflake design for a finished and professional look.

You’ll be a cookie decorating rock star!

3-Snowflake-Cookie-Decorating-Kim-Byers-108680Want more Christmas crafting ideas? Let’s make a snowman wreath and Christmas pillows with our Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker!

Merry Christmas! As always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create and celebrate with JOANN!


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