Bohemian Inspired – Easy Valentine Ribbon Pillow DIY

Jan 4, 2015 By Jessica Abbott
Bohemian Inspired – Easy Valentine Ribbon Pillow DIY

Bohemian Inspired Fringe DIY Pillow

One of the things I love about the New Year is seeing all of the brand new seamstresses learning how to sew, developing a love for the craft that I hold near and dear to my heart. With sewing machines found under the Christmas tree, there comes a resurgence for easy / beginner sewing projects to help encourage the learning and developing of sewing skills. Good first projects to tackle include simple gathered skirts, a pillowcase dress, kitchen tea towels, and of course….pillows. All of which are very cute, and great for boosting sewing self confidence!

It is my resolution this year to create beginner friendly sewing projects, that people will love. To help foster this ‘love’ for sewing, I am kicking the resolution off with these adorable Bohemian Inspired Ribbon Home Decor Pillows. Modern Valentine’s Day Decor…without all of the hearts and ruffles.

Trust me – this pillow is deceptively easy, let us show you how to DIY.

Bohemian Inspired DIY Fringe Pillow Tutorial
How to make an easy DIY Fringe and Pom Pom Pillow

Bohemian Inspired – Easy Ribbon Pillow DIY.
Sewing Level – beginner friendly

● Various 1 yard cuts of ribbons, found in the ‘Ribbon Sold by the Yard’ section
● 1 yard Quilting Cotton fabric
● Fabric Glue
● Basic Sewing Essentials (sewing machine, thread, scissors, etc.)
● Polyfil (not shown)

Supplies to make a DIY Fringe and Pom Pom Boho Pillow

Step One: Gather supplies as listed above.

Step Two: Cut (2) Squares the desired size of your pillow, + 1” for seam allowance. This will give you (1) Front & (1) Back pillow pattern piece.

How to make your own DIY fringe boho pillow

Step Three: Place a piece of tin foil or wax paper underneath the Front Pillow pattern piece. This will protect the surface you are working on.

Step Four: Cut your ribbon into strips the same width as your pillow.

Step Five: Determine your ribbon placement, and apply a thin strip of fabric glue where you want the ribbon to go. If it helps, use a ruler to ensure straight lines.

Step Six: Lay the ribbon on your glue, and press gently smoothing out any wrinkles.

Step Seven: Continue steps 4 thru 6 with all of the ribbon until you have covered the entire front of your pillow. Allow to dry fully overnight.

Instructions on how to make your own DIY Boho Pillow

Step Eight: Place your Front and Back pillow pieces right sides together, matching up all 4 sides, and pin. (If you have dangling ribbon trim, like poms or fringe, make sure it is INSIDE of the pillow in the middle.)

Step Nine: Sew all around, leaving a 5” opening on the bottom edge unsewn. We will need this opening for turning the pillow in the next step. Trim seam allowance and any excess dangling ribbon edges.

Step Ten: Turn pillow right side out through opening in the bottom, and press out all corners with your fingers.

Step Eleven: Stuff pillow with Polyfil, until it is nice and smooshy. Pin opening closed, and whipstitch.

Finished and Complete DIY Fringe Boho Pillow

And you are done!

Easy to make - DIY Fringe Bohemian Pillow
Eclectic Home Decor Bohemian Inspired Pillow
Make your own super cute DIY Pillow
Easy Pattern to make your own DIY Boho Fringe Pillow

Enjoy your new pillow, and brag about how you have anthropologie bohemian style home decor…without the anthro budget. Rock on with your brand new sewing self.

Boho Valentine's Day Pillow Pattern

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