Candy Coated Pretzel Nest Recipe

Mar 2, 2015 By Courtney O'Dell
Candy Coated Pretzel Nest Recipe

When spring starts, I love to come up with fun treats for my kids to celebrate the change of the seasons- and incorporate our love of all things colorful. After a long winter, we are always so excited to see bunnies, chicks, and brightly colored candies in our favorite stores- and this fun Candy Coated Pretzel Nest Treat incorporates all of our favorite parts of spring!

To start, you’ll need:

Wilton Candy Melts Pot
Cookie cooling racks
Parchment paper
Candy melts packages: white and green
– ½ lb pretzels
– 1 12oz bag Cadbury mini eggs or whoppers eggs (or other Easter egg shaped candy)
-Candy dipping fork

How to make Easter Egg Candy Pretzel Nests // Recipe from Sweet C's Designs on

To make the nests:

Soften white candy melts in Wilton candy melts pot.

Dip pretzels in white candy melts by using fork to completely immerse- and then let sit on cooling rack to completely cool and dry.

When pretzels have set, add green candy melts to pot and melt.

Lay out pretzels and candy eggs, and set out parchment paper.

Arrange pretzels into a circular “nest” shape on parchment paper- using about 6-8 pretzels per “nest”.

Spoon green candy melts into candy melts squeeze bottle.

Drizzle green candy melts over pretzels in a random, zig-zag pattern to replicate grass.

Easter Dessert Recipe // Candy and Pretzel Easter Egg Nests from Sweet C's Designs on

Immediately place egg candy onto “nests” while green candy is still melted, and let cool completely.

I like to package these in clear cellophane or other fun wrapping that allows you to see the bright, colorful treats inside. These make great Easter or spring party treats- and are easy enough kids can help make them! Just don’t let little hands too close to hot melted candy melts- they can burn delicate skin.

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