Children’s Artwork Fabric

Nov 3, 2015 By Jessica Abbott
Children’s Artwork Fabric

I don’t know about you, but the amount of artwork my children bring home from school on a daily basis is astounding. On one hand, it makes me smile and fills my heart with joy to look at. On the other hand, I am always wondering exactly what to do with all of it!

So, why not turn some of your favorite pieces into fabric? With the holidays around the corner, this custom fabric will make the perfect handmade holiday present for grandparents, mothers, fathers and family. By turning your child’s artwork into fabric, it will preserve your favorite masterpieces while honoring his or her hard work and creativity. They will love knowing that they have something truly handmade underneath the Christmas tree to give to a loved one.

How to turn your child’s artwork into fabric

Skill Level: Beginner
Time Needed: 1 hour

Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Crafter’s Image Photo Fabric
Inkjet printer
Camera or scanner


Photo 7
Step One:
Snap a photo of, or scan, your child’s artwork. Upload the photo to your computer.

Step Two: Open up the printing window and make sure the artwork is set to scale or fit to printable area.

Photo 8
Step Three:
Unroll the photo fabric and cut to your desired size. If you have a printer that can handle banners, then length is not a problem. If not, cut the fabric paper to paper size (legal or standard size paper).

*As the fabric paper is sold on a roll, it tends to curl up on the ends. To rectify so that it lies flat in your printer, set your iron to gentle heat and iron over the fabric paper. Allow time to cool.

Step Four: Place the fabric paper in your printer as you would normal paper, making sure the fabric side of the fabric paper is facing the right direction. You may want to do a test run on paper first to ensure which direction you need to place your paper. (Mine is facedown, so fabric side facedown.)

*Tip – To do a test run first, make a mark on one side only of your regular paper. Run it through the printer with your child’s artwork printed out. Depending on the side that the artwork prints on, you will know whether to place your paper face up or down based on which side the marking comes out on.

Step Five: Print.

Photo 9
Step Six:
Gently peel away the paper backing from your fabric and press.

Photo 10
And, you are finished! You are now left with a perfect piece of cotton fabric custom made for any woven project.

Photo 11
Turn a bunch of drawings into a fabulous quilt, make a custom tote bag, pillows for the home, or more. This idea makes for the perfect grandparents gift, Father’s Day gift, or of course – a handmade Christmas present.

Photo 12
I decided to make easy pillows with them, one for each child. To see how to sew an easy pillow, click HERE.

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