Cozy Coat Upcycle

Nov 20, 2017 By Bev McCullough
Cozy Coat Upcycle

Hi all — it’s Bev from Flamingo Toes here with a cozy new refashion for you today! I love doing refashions. It’s so fun to take something and give it new life or a different style. This simple wool coat has a whole new look with these fun plaid flannel details and of course the fabulous vintage style detailing on the lapels!

Pretty Winter Coat Flannel and Lace Refashion

I found a great contrasting flannel that looks so pretty for fall, and I love the way this lace trim really shows it off. The vintage detailing on the lapels is made up of a mix of beads, buttons and jewelry findings and the whole thing was so easy to do. It only took a couple of hours and it looks like I have a whole new coat!

Winter Coat Flannel and Lace RefashionYou can start with a coat you have on hand, one you’ve found at the thrift store, or even a new coat that you want to give a new look to! I have a simple tutorial to follow that you can adjust to your coat – so let’s get started!


I started with this simple camel colored coat. I recommend taking your coat into JOANN – that way you can find a fabric that coordinates with it!

Winter Coat Refashion

To make the color, I covered the top collar section around the back to the notched seam section. If your coat is different, decide where you’d like the back collar to start and stop. Open up the collar and lay it as flat as possible. Cut a section of flannel that is larger than the collar section – making sure that the pattern is centered on the collar. Fold the ends in and the long sides and pin in place, exactly where you’d like it to cover the collar.

Flannel refashion for coat collar

Carefully remove the collar and press the folds in place. Iron a piece of HeatnBond to the wrong side of the new collar piece, covering all the folds.

Fusible Webbing on Flannel CollarRemove the paper backing from the fusible webbing. Place the new collar piece over the coat collar. Tuck the lace trim between the flannel and coat, all the way around the collar. Make sure the start and stopping section of the lace is tucked into the middle. Iron the flannel in place on the coat. I highly recommend using a pressing cloth – and do an iron test section on a part of your coat that doesn’t show. If you can’t iron the coat fabric you’ll need to pin the fabric in place really well.

Ironing New Coat Collar in PlaceSew all the way around the flannel piece, just inside the folded edge. Make sure to sew the lace in place at the same time.

Plaid Flannel Coat Collar RefashionRepeat these steps to cover your pocket sections, if you coat has them.

Flannel Coat RefashionTo decorate the lapels, lay out the buttons and beads along the lapel to decide on placement. Take a quick photo with your phone that you can refer to as you sew them on.

Beads and Buttons for Coat RefashionHand sew the buttons and beads onto the lapel. Fill in the spaces with small crystal beads that coordinate with your coat and fabric.

Button and Bead Coat Lapel RefashionFollow the same pattern and layout for the beads on the opposite lapel of the coat.

Beaded Coat LapelsSo simple and fun right? Now you can show off your “new” coat with its fabulous winter style refashion!

Leaderboard Coat Refashion


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