Craft Closet Organization

Feb 14, 2018 By A Subtle Revelry
Craft Closet Organization

One of the areas we didn’t show when we did our studio tour was inside our craft closet. When the door is closed you can’t tell exactly what is inside, but let’s just say there was a reason we left the door closed. Ha! It was one of those spaces I always meant to organize, but when you are busy crafting and up late finishing projects, the clean up is never anyones favorite. So the craft closet situation just went from bad to worse…


Here’s what it looked like before we organized. A bunch of bins that didn’t fit, I couldn’t find anything I needed and you know a bag of protein powder (because every crafter needs that ;). we transformed the space into a bright and happy place to grab paints, ribbons and all the necessary craft supplies we ever need.

The job started by throwing all the things we didn’t need out and placing items that didn’t belong in the craft closet where they belonged, like my microphone, that protien powder, Christmas lights and the paper towels. It’s surprising how much just this step cleared the space out.


The next step we did was create fun and unique storage containers from items found at our local Joanns. We used basic Ball Jars to organize ribbons, tape, thread, confetti and sequins. So many of our supplies for crafting are small and having them all corralled in pretty jars not only helps me see everything, but makes the space bright and fun.

To create these painted Ball Jars you will need:

A collection of Ball Jars 

Wooden flat bottom balls



1. Start by painting the wood circles and the tops of the Ball jars and letting them dry.

2. Then glue a ball on top of each of the jars, we mix and matched the colors for a bright and fun display.




We left some of the jars without tops to store candles and larger supplies. And we stacked up our duct tape and larger supplies along with the jars.


Next we went vertical on the door and got our ribbons organized with wooden embroidery hoops. The second hoop we used to hand our paper party ball collection.


We used stackable glitter containers and simple magazine holders for storing our collection of paper lanterns. All in all the closet is now a perfect spot with everything we have ready for a new season of crafting!

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