Crayon Cuff DIY

Jan 29, 2015 By Jessica Abbott
Crayon Cuff DIY

How to make your own DIY Crayon Cuff

Continuing with my New Years resolution for beginner friendly sewing projects, I was inspired to make the DIY Crayon Cuff by my 5 year old daughter. We were out at a restaurant together, and she was being particularly innovative when she grabbed a rubber band and slipped it around her wrist and then proceeded to slip her complimentary restaurant crayons underneath to hold them in place! Lightbulb.

I cannot tell you how many times my family will be dining out, and before long my husband or I will be searching underneath the table for lost crayons. Every. single. time. And it is always so dirty and gross, I mean absolutely cringe worthy. I am pretty sure every family in America will benefit from this DIY, and the best part? Its totally beginner friendly.

Let us show you how to DIY.

Making a Cute Cuff for Crayons
Boy and Girl  DIY Crayon Cuffs by Jess Abbott The Sewing Rabbit

Crayon Cuff DIY.
Sewing Level – beginner friendly


Supplies to make your own DIY Crayon Cuff for your Kids

● (1) Piece of Craft Felt for the cuff
● Various Pieces of Craft Felt for your desired decoration
● Measuring Tape
● Sew-in Velcro
● Basic Sewing Essentials (sewing machine, thread, scissors, ruler, etc.)


Craft for your kids - DIY Crayon Cuff

Step One: Measure around your child’s wrist. Add 2.5” to your measurement.

Step Two: Fold the outer edges (the long edge) of your wrist cuff felt in half towards the center, meeting in the middle.

Step Three: Fold felt in half, enclosing the outer edges.

Step Four: A side view of the middle of your felt for clarity.

How to sew a DIY Crayon Cuff

Step Five: Find the middle of your folded cuff, and pin. Measure out 1” on each side, and pin. Repeat again, until you have 5 pins in place, each 1” apart. You may want to use a piece of chalk and your ruler to gently draw straight lines for later steps.

Step Six: Cut off the excess side edges, so that your felt cuff is the same size as your child’s wrist measurement + 2.5”.

Step Seven: Sew lines exactly where your pins are, making sure to keep them straight, from the top all the way to the bottom.

Step Eight: This will create the casings for the crayons!DIY Heart Cuff Valentine's Day Kid's Project

Step Nine: Cut out our desired felt decoration. (*Optional)

Step Ten: Pin decoration to the top center of your felt cuff. Sew a straight line down the center EXACTLY where your crayon casing sewn line is. DO NOT sew over the casing itself, otherwise the crayons will not be able to slip in.

Instructions on how to make your own DIY Crayon Cuff

Step Eleven: Cut (1) piece of velcro the width of your crayon cuff, minus ½”. In the photo above, you see the two sides of the velcro separate – the hooks and loops.

Step Twelve: Pin (1) side of the velcro to the outer edge of the right side (decorated top) of your cuff.

Step Thirteen: Sew around the velcro, in a rectangle shape, all around the edge.

Step Fourteen: Flip your cuff over, and pin the other velcro piece to the opposite edge of your cuff on the wrong side (not decorated). Sew around in a rectangular shape to secure.

Kids DIY Crayon Cuff Tutorial

And you are done!

Make a Super Hero DIY Crayon Cuff

Consider yourself SuperMom or Dad of the year, and enjoy avoiding the restaurant floor crayon crawl next time you dine out! You’re welcome. Lol

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