Cricut Explore Air Gold Edition – Exclusively at JOANN

Mar 20, 2016 By Kim Byers
Cricut Explore Air Gold Edition – Exclusively at JOANN

Have you tried the Cricut Explore Air yet? Take it from an avid crafter, if you can have only one tool, you want it to be the Cricut Explore Air.

Hi! I’m Kim Byers of The Celebration Shoppe and I’m going to show you a little bit of what you can do with your Cricut.

Before we get crafting, isn’t this machine pretty? I mean, it’s almost too pretty to store in the cabinet, right?! It’s so sparkly! {grin}

Cricut Explore Air Gold Edition

And she’s not only pretty girls, she can cut over 60 materials including vinyl, iron-on, felt, glitter paper, vellum, sticker paper, birch wood, leather, and on and on.

I’m a paper crafter, it’s my thing, but my next two favorite materials for my Cricut Explore Air are iron-on and vinyl. Let me show you a bit of what you can whip up!

Cricut Explore Air Gold Edition

I love a great coffee mug. I may or may not be a coffee addict. {wink} So let’s start simple and make an easy personalized coffee mug.

Cricut Explore Air Gold Edition

One of the things I adore about the Cricut Explore Air is that you can create your own designs if you have that skill, or you can select from the thousands of designs Cricut offers in Design Space. This design is a combination of my fonts, with Cricut’s flowing ribbon and scissors. I chose scissors because I love paper. If you sew, you could add a needle and thread. If your passion is baking, you can add a cupcake. If you love throwing a great party, you could add a banner. The point is, with Cricut, the style, the design and personalization is all you!

For my easy vinyl mug, you’ll need:
• white mug
• Cricut Design Space (iPad app, iPhone app or Desktop)
• Cricut black vinyl
• Cricut gold glitter vinyl (NEW!)
• Cricut transfer tape
• Cricut Explore Air
• Optional: Peanut Butter Cookie coffee blend {wink}

Cricut Explore Air Gold Edition
Quick and easy steps: Open a new project in Design Space, add any text you like, add any image you like and cut. (Tip: If you want to do two colors like mine, just hide one color, “attach” the items left, and cut. Then go back into your mat, hide the color you cut, unhide the others, “attach” and cut those. Attaching them keeps them in place on the cut mat so you can use transfer tape for easy application.)
Truly, it’s that easy. And if you’re not comfortable with making your own combinations in Design Space just yet, there are hundreds of “make it now” projects to choose from!

Now let’s make a graphic tee! Iron-on is such a fun material. You can make a tee like this one, you can embellish a bag, shoes, anything made of fabric… including canvas.

Remember how I told you above to head to Design Space and create anything you like. Well, this time I took my mug design and switched it up a bit. I added a top flourish, added more text and added a camera graphic instead of the scissors. As I said, make it your own in a few clicks!

Cricut Explore Air Gold Edition

For this easy iron-on Cricut craft you’ll need:
T-shirt (Jo-Ann has a new selection!)
• Cricut Design Space (iPad app, iPhone app or Desktop)
Gold Glitter Iron-On
Silver Glitter Iron-On
• Cricut Explore Air
Cricut cutting mat, Light

Cricut Explore Air Gold Edition

Super simple steps:
1. Design – open Cricut Design Space. Measure your t-shirt, but depending on the cut of your shirt you may want to lay your shirt flat, measure it across, divide it to find your center point, and determine if you’d like the image larger or smaller. Create a design or choose.
2. Mat – apply the iron-on, liner side down, to the mat.
3. Cut – read the directions on the package, but make sure that you absolutely “Mirror-Image” your cut or you’ll need to look in a mirror to read it. {wink}
4. Weed – weed out all the iron-on that isn’t your image. This takes a bit of patience, but just go slow.
5. Iron – iron your shirt to heat up the fabric, place the image with liner on top, iron in 15 second intervals. Glitter takes a bit more heat to apply than regular iron-on so test. Also it’s a good idea to flip the shirt (once you think design is set) and iron the back too just to make sure. Take your time!

Cricut Explore Air Gold Edition Cricut Explore Air Gold Edition Cricut Explore Air Gold Edition

This same iron-on process works beautifully for canvas too! Make sure you hop over to my Office Refresh post in gold and black. I’ll show you how to create professional looking wall art for your home with your Cricut Explore Air!

Cricut Explore Air Gold Edition

Wouldn’t a pretty GOLD Cricut Explore Air look perfect on the side of this desk?! Right now JOANN has an exclusive offer for the Cricut Explore Air Gold Edition. If you’ve ever considered getting one, now is the time!

Cricut Explore Air Gold Edition

Not sold yet, or nervous that the machine is too complicated. It’s not. But don’t’ take my word for it, hop over to Cricut and watch a few of their easy to follow video tutorials to see all the machine can do!

Let’s not stop yet. If you run out a grab one today, you make all these fun crafts for Easter this weekend! Hop over to my blog for the easy DIY steps to making:

Easter Gift Mug

Cricut Explore Air Gold Edition

Easter Egg Hunt Tee

Cricut Explore Air Gold Edition

Monogrammed Flower Basket

Cricut Explore Air Gold Edition

As always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create and celebrate with JOANN!

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