Cross-Stitch Inspired Valentine’s Day Pillow Covers

Jan 8, 2015 By Kim Byers
Cross-Stitch Inspired Valentine’s Day Pillow Covers

Hi there, Kim from The Celebration Shoppe, here! I’ve loved needlework since I was a little girl spending summers with my grandmother. And with the start of a new year and trying to make resolutions I can stick with, I’ve decided to revive my love of cross-stitch.

Easy DIY Cross-Stitch Pillow Tutorial

But instead of using the traditional cross-stitch fabric, I decided to create a cross-stitch pattern on modern textiles. I’m in love with silvers and grays right now and I’ve always been passionate about smart blends of patterns and textures.

How to make your own DIY cross-stitch pillow covers

Here’s a little glimpse of a favorite corner in my living room with my new Valentine pillows. It feels very light and fresh. After putting away 12 boxes of Christmas decorations… I felt “less is more” when it comes to my home décor. {wink}

Supplies to make your own DIY Cross-Stitch Pillows

Here’s what you’ll need to make these two Valentine pillow covers:

• 5/8 yard pattern fabric (large pillow)
• 1/2 yard solid fabric (small pillow)
• 1/8 yard pattern fabric (arrow applique)
• 5 yards binding (or two packs)
• 2 invisible zippers – 12 to 14” and a 7 to 9”
• 2 pillow forms, 14×14 and 18×18
• Thread
• Cross-stitch thread (one length was used for both pillows)
• Needle
• Transfer paper
• Heat transfer pencil
• Pattern (use my file in Design Space if you own a Cricut Explore, or you can draw a 7”x5.5” heart on graph paper. Graph paper is a great way to make any cross-stitch design!)
Suggested crafting tools: Cutting mat, clear square ruler, roller blade, fabric weights, iron, heat n bond, sewing machine

Steps to make your own DIY Cross-Stitch pillow with tutorial
Easy DIY make your own Arrow Pillow Covers

Let’s get crafty!

1. Cut fabric – using a cutting mat, roller blade, clear square ruler and fabric weights, cut the pattern fabric for the 18×18 pillow, into a 19×19 square allowing for the seam, binding and invisible zipper. Cut the 14×14 pillow fabric, 15×15 square. (TIP: Use sticky notes to mark the edges of the size. Not only does this make it easier to see when cutting, but it also gives the fabric something to bump up against and help keep it from moving.)

2. Heat Transfer – using a heat transfer pencil, trace the design on transfer paper, as outlined in the paper instructions. Iron the design onto the fabric being careful to center the heart design and offset the arrow. (Tip: For the arrow pillow, using a ruler, draw a simple design as shown on transfer paper with a heat transfer pencil, flip it over and iron it on the fabric.)

3. Handwork – using all six strands of the cross-stitch thread and a needle, stitch the pattern on the fabric following the ironed on pattern. (Tip: Use the grain of the fabric to help keep the lines straight.)

4. Applique – once the stitches are in place on the arrow pillow, use Heat N Bond on a small area of the fabric you chose for the applique (following package instructions) and then fussy cut the triangles to get the best pattern. Iron the fabric in place and stitch around it.

5. Baste piping – I like to baste the piping into place on one side first, but if you’re really good you can place the binding, pin the fabric and stitch both sides at once.

6. Sew – sew around the edges of the pillow, being careful to leave enough space for the invisible zipper.

7. Zipper – I like to place the zipper at the same side that I’m ending the binding. This keeps the closing points all together.

8. Insert pillow – fold the pillow in half best you can and insert it into the cover being careful not to rip the seams. Once inside, move corners to edges and rock center of pillow with your palm to redistribute the stuffing. Zip up and done!

How to make an invisible zipper pillows

As always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create and celebrate!


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