Custom Night Lights

Mar 27, 2016 By jencraftomaniac
Custom Night Lights

Hello everyone, Jen back visiting from my blog Craft-O-Maniac. As always, its a pleasure to be here. Today I am sharing an easy, fun kids craft, these darling DIY Star Wars kid night lights. I love how they turned out, and they are easy enough to have your littles help.

You Will Need:

● Four medium short ball jars (they come in a four pack)
● Four Star Wars Pez dispensers (in-store)
● Scrapbook paper, that fits the Star Wars theme
● Hot glue gun
● Glue dots/spots
● Scissors
● Pen or pencil
● Twinkle lights – Heidi Swapp

diy star wars kid night lights1You will see in the image tutorial below how I did each step. I had my four year old help trace the lids and add the glue dots, he was stoked throughout as it was Star Wars to begin with, and he got to munch on some Pez too. Too fun!

Step 1. Trace the lids on the back side of the paper.

diy star wars kid night lights2

diy star wars kid night lights3

Step 2. Add glue dots to the back of the cut circles and place them over the lid and rub them across. 
diy star wars kid night lights8

diy star wars kid night lights9

Step 3. Take apart the Pez heads and add hot glue to the bottoms and stick them to the center of the paper/lid.

diy star wars kid night lights11

diy star wars kid night lights10

diy star wars kid night lights12

Step 4. Add your lights, mine are Heidi Swapp and you can opt for the bulb covers or not.

diy star wars kid night lights14

diy star wars kid night lights16

Step 5. Place them in your child(s) room and now they have some cute custom “AWESOME” night lights. diy star wars kid night lights20

So fun,  so cool, and your kids will love them.

– Jen

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