DIY Christmas Stocking with Square By Design®

Dec 11, 2016 By Jo-Ann
DIY Christmas Stocking with Square By Design®

The holidays are a great occasion for cherished time with loved ones, and to make memories that will last forever. Many families have traditions to make the season bright such as baking and carol singing, but another fun way to have a festive time is to decorate the home together.

Here is a project from Square by Design® of a Christmas stocking made with their Poppy fabric square. Read on for directions on how to make this stocking to hold stuffers from Santa, while at the same outfitting the home as a holiday haven:

Square By Design® Christmas Stocking

Courtesy of Creative Pointe Designs, Made in the USA


SquareByDesign® Square
• 1 ½ yds. 54” width fabric for backing, lining, piping and hanging loop
• 3 yds. 3/16” cotton filler cord
• 24” twine or knitting yarn
• ½ yd cotton batting
• 18” x 24” poster board or freezer paper (available in-stores)
Chalk for marking
• Basic sewing supplies
Zipper foot
Optional: Glass beads (multiple colors, available in-stores), embroidery thread, embroidery needles for embroidery and beading


Note: Seam allowances are ½ ” unless otherwise noted. If ironing is needed, use a medium dry iron.

1. Using the method of your choice, create a stocking pattern that measures 19” tall (from top edge to lowest edge of toe) and 15” wide. These measurements include seam allowances.

2. Draw a pattern on poster board or freezer paper. Carefully cut out the stocking shape on drawn lines, leaving the perimeter paper in one piece to create a negative image of the stocking shape.

3. With motif facing right side up, place on a hard flat surface. Position the negative stocking pattern on top of the motif and arrange until the pattern is positioned with motif center approximately 2” in from the toe edge and centered top to bottom in the toe area. When desired placement is achieved, use chalk to lightly draw the stocking outline on the Square By Design® Square. With the negative pattern and motif still in place, measure down from the top straight stocking edge 5” and draw a chalk line parallel to the top edge of the stocking. Remove negative pattern. Cut along the drawn chalk line removing the top section of the stocking. Machine stitch on chalk lines with a narrow zigzag stitch to prevent raveling. Cut out just outside of stitching.

4. Place second Square By Design® Square right side up on a flat surface. Position top of the negative stocking pattern over the lower half of the motif just below the center area. Draw a chalk line across the top stocking edge. Measure and draw a chalk line 6” down and parallel to the stocking top edge. Draw chalk lines to mark the left and right edges of the stocking. Remove pattern and zigzag on chalk lines. Cut out just outside of stitching. Set aside.

5. From lining and back fabric, cut 2 pieces for the lining and one piece for the stocking back. Set aside.

6. From piping fabric, cut enough 2” wide strips to measure 1 ¼ yds. Sew strips together end to end making one long continuous strip. Press seams open. Fold strip around cotton filler cord with the right side of the fabric facing out. Using a zipper foot, stitch close to the cord encasing filler cord. Trim to make seam allowance on piping ½.”

7. Make front narrow accent piping for horizontal seam by laying 2 – 12” lengths of yarn side-by-side and complete as in Step 6.

8. Using a zipper foot, stitch piping for a horizontal seam to upper edge of main stocking piece. Position upper stocking section on top of the lower section, right sides together and matching edges. Stitch.

9. Attach piping around the perimeter of stocking, raw edges aligned and stitching close to the piping. Remove cotton cord from the top ¾” of the piping after it has been attached to the stocking.

10. Optional: using a photograph as a guide, complete all hand embroidery and beading.

11. Position stocking back on top of a rectangle of cotton batting and pin in place. Sew diagonal rows of straight stitching spacing rows as desired.

12. From hanging loop fabric, cut a piece to measure 2” x 7”. With wrong sides together, fold the strip in half lengthwise and press. Unfold. Fold each long edge of the center fold and press. Fold in half lengthwise again and press. To stitch along both long edges. Position at top of stocking, aligning fabric raw edges and stitch in place.

13. With right sides together, pin the stocking front to one lining piece along the top edge. Note: Make sure the toes are pointing in the same direction. Stitch and press.

14. Repeat Step 13 with stocking back and second lining piece. Stitch and press.

15. Position stocking on top of stocking back and lining front on top of lining back, matching raw edges. Pin and sew leaving a 5” opening in the lining just above the heel. Trim seam and clip curves.

16. Turn right side out. Machine or hand stitch lining opening closed. Slide lining into the stocking. Press.


sbd christmas stocking

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