DIY Denim Tablescape and Wall Decor

Feb 19, 2018 By Abby Smith
DIY Denim Tablescape and Wall Decor

I love unexpected ways to add class to my décor, and the new denim décor trend certainly fits the bill! When used the right way, denim can be the perfect modern addition to your current space.

To help make it easy, JOANN has a wide variety of denim fabrics to get you started! Abby here from Sew Much Ado, and today I’m sharing a pretty denim themed tablescape, along with some DIY denim wall décor projects you can learn to make for your own decor!

One secret to pulling off denim décor is to balance it with soft, lighter elements so it’s not overwhelming. After all, we don’t want our guests to think it’s time to saddle up! I added touches of blush pink, gold, and white to complement the denim.

Denim Decor 630px-16

I also focused on adding geometric designs, both in the fabrics and wall décor, to keep the look modern.


Denim Decor 630px-23

For the table, I placed a denim-looking striped paper roll over a white tablecloth as a base. I used Fab Lab Plaques (available at your local JOANN) as risers for the table centers, and added LED candles tied with strips of denim.


Denim Decor 630px-10

Denim Decor 630px-53
The table centers were completed with blush pink faux flowers (found in the floral aisle of your local JJOANN), placed in glass vases that I filled with denim fabric. Denim Decor 630px-15
Each place setting has a reversible denim placemat and a denim-look cloth napkin that I’m teaching you how to sew below! I wrapped each napkin with baker’s twine found in the new party supply section of my local JOANN! Denim Decor 630px-9

Large wall art is another hot new trend, and to add a focal point to the room, I made a denim woven canvas wall art that you can scroll down to learn to make for yourself! This is a super fun, easy project that packs a lot of punch!

I completed the denim décor with two denim wall flower buckets that you can learn to make below as well! Denim Decor 630px-7
Ready for the DIYs?! To learn how to create the denim touches for yourself, read on! Denim Decor 630px-26
Denim Wall Flower Buckets Denim Decor 630px-8
-large and small metal wall bucket with wire hanger
denim or denim-look fabric
faux flowers
measuring tape
glue gun and glue sticks
floral wire cutters

For each bucket:

1. Measure width (at largest point) of bucket and add 2”. Measure height of bucket and add 1”. Denim Decor-1

Denim Decor-22. Cut denim to rectangle using measurements above. Press top and bottom edges ½” to wrong side.

Denim Decor-33. Use glue gun to glue top of fabric to top of bucket, just under top rim. It helps to begin at the center and then work outward.

Denim Decor-4

Denim Decor-54. Use glue gun to glue bottom of fabric to bottom of bucket, just above bottom rim. Denim Decor-65. Wrap one side edge of fabric to back of bucket and glue in place (stretch gently to ensure it’s smooth on front of bucket). Repeat with other side.

Denim Decor-7.jpg

Denim Decor-8

6. Use wire cutters to trim length of stems from faux flowers. Use glue gun to glue flower stems to inside of bucket as desired.

Denim Decor-9Denim Woven Wall CanvasDenim Decor 630px-42.jpgSupplies:

-24×36 artist canvas

denim in two colors – 1yd (45 or 60” wide fabric) and 3/4yd (60” wide – 1.5yd needed if 45” wide) measuring tape

glue gun and glue sticks


1. From one fabric, cut 12 3” wide strips, 42” in length. From the other, cut 18 3” wide strips, 30” in length (you can cut 9 strips from the entire width of 60” wide fabric and then cut them in half).

Denim Decor-102. Press each long edge of each strip ½” toward the wrong side.

Denim Decor-11Denim Decor-123. Measure and mark every 2” on the back of canvas, on all four sides.

Denim Decor-134. Glue ends of 30” strips (wrong side down) to TOP back of frame with rest of strip hanging AWAY from back of frame (so it can wrap around to the front of the canvas). Be sure to keep strips between 2” marks.

Denim Decor-14Denim Decor-155. Flip canvas over and lay strips right sides facing up on top of canvas. Pulling taught on each strip, wrap around to bottom back of canvas and glue in place. Trim ends.

Denim Decor-16Denim Decor-17Denim Decor-18Denim Decor-196. Repeat step 4 with the coordinating strips, gluing to one side of back of canvas.

Denim Decor-207. Bring strips around to front of canvas and weave each strip over and under vertical strips until opposite side is reached. Remember to alternate with beginning over or under for each horizontal strip.

Denim Decor-21Denim Decor-228. Pull horizontal strips taught and glue to back of canvas between 2” marks. Trim ends. Denim Decor-23.jpg9. Hang canvas as desired!

Reversible Denim Placemats

Denim Decor 630px-17

Denim Decor 630px-18Supplies (for 6 placemats):

-denim – two coordinating colors – cut 6 13×19” rectangles from each (1 1/4yd each for 45” wide fabric)

-basic sewing supplies – scissors, thread, needles, etc

For Each Placemat:

1. Right sides together, pin and stitch two coordinating denim rectangles together along all four edges (1/2” seam allowance), leaving a 3” opening on one short side.

Denim Decor-252. Trim corners and turn placemat right side out through opening. Press flat along all edges, pressing raw edges ½” toward wrong side at opening. Topstitch ¼” from all edges, closing opening.

Denim Decor-26Denim Decor-27Denim Napkins: Denim Decor 630px-27Supplies:

-lightweight denim or denim-look fabric – I used a gorgeous Sportzwear Modal Fabric found in the denim section at my local JOANN – cut 6 21×21 squares (2yd 57” wide fabric)

basic sewing supplies – scissors, thread, needles, etc

For Each Napkin:

1. Press one edge ¼” to wrong side. Press another ¼” to wrong side. Repeat with OPPOSITE edge.

Denim Decor-282. Stitch close to inner fold of each edge.

Denim Decor-293. At each corner, fold ½” of each raw edge toward wrong side and press in place, forming a triangle.

Denim Decor-324. Press remaining raw edges ¼” toward wrong side. Press another ¼” toward wrong side, forming a mitered corner at each corner.

Denim Decor-345. Stitch close to inner fold on unstitched sides.

Denim Decor-30Denim Decor-31Voila!

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