DIY Dresser for Mother’s Day

Apr 29, 2015 By Beckie Farrant
DIY Dresser for Mother’s Day

I love celebrating motherhood.  To raise children is no small feat.  Now it does take a village to raise a child – but the head of that village is mom and dad.  We play such a foundational role in our child’s personality, moral compass, wants, wishes and desires. It is a huge job and one that occasionally ought to be celebrated.  My mom is most definitely my biggest cheerleader, confidante and worries about me more than any other human.  She loves my children without boundaries and spoils them rotten.  I figured I would make her something to commemorate her greatest loves – me and her grandbabies.

DIY Colorblock Dresser


  1. Start by lightly tapping, with a hammer, the knobs that came on the dresser.  Tap from the top and the bottom in order to get a clean break in the glue.
    How to stain dresser drawers
  2. Give your dresser a coat of pre-wood conditioner (buy it all your local home store) since it is made from pine.  Pine is a soft wood and won’t take stain evenly without it.  Let it sit for 5 minutes and wipe clean.  I used old t-shirt scraps to rub the stain on.
  3. Give your dresser a coat of Kona stain. Tape off drawers for a nice clean line. Let it sit for 5 minutes and wipe clean.  Let dry for 8 hours.
    How to stain dresser drawers
  4. I was going to leave the dresser like this but it looked too plain so I decided to jazz it up a little with some color blocking.  So I gave the three drawers a coat of primer.
    How to spray paint a dresser
  5. Once dry I used the painter’s tape to tape off the dresser into a random color blocking pattern.  Once dry I re-taped a new section and sprayed again.  Repeat until you have a pattern you like.
    Upcycle Project | How to colorblock furnitureDIY Colorblock Dresser
  6. While the dresser is drying upload the children’s pictures to PicMonkey to cut them out in a circle.  First crop your picture into a square.  Then under frames click on shape cutouts.  Select the circle.  Then save your picture.  Make sure you do this for three images.
  7. Bring your 3 pictures into any Word processing program and size them to 1.1”.  Print in color onto white cardstock.
    Pickmonkey Tutorial
  8. Next we will be tweaking the Tim Holtz Custom Knobs.  Using a 1” hole punch cut out your circle images of your kiddos.
    DIY Drawer Knobs | Tim Holtz Custom Knobs1 inch hole punch
  9. Using a paint brush, smear Mod Podge onto the back of your cardstock circles and glue them inside the custom pulls.  Let dry.  Then pop the bubble that comes with the pulls on top.
    mod podgebuttonDIY Drawer Pull
  10. Drill holes in your drawers using 1/4” bit.  Add the custom pulls with your new screws.
    DIY Colorblock Dresser

I got my screws from a local hardware store.  This is the bin I grabbed them from.  Screw them in place.

I didn’t even realize until after, that I matched the colors of the drawers to what we were wearing in the pictures.  It just goes to show which colors I am obsessed with lately. {giggle}
DIY Colorblock Dresser

This is a perfect gift for my mom for Mother’s Day because she is always looking for places to store stuff. This would be great on a desk with extra staples, paper clips, blinder clips, erasers, etc.  Or on a nightstand with chapstick, extra kleenex, hair ties, lotion, etc.  I am sure I don’t need to give you ideas of what to store in it.  The point is you have a custom sweet gift with photos of the people your mom loves the most.
DIY Upcycle Dresser

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the amazing women out there!
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