DIY Glass Etched Holiday Cookie Plate

Dec 22, 2014 By Beckie Farrant
DIY Glass Etched Holiday Cookie Plate

This month JOANN is promoting the hashtag #makeitgiveit. Since December is all about gift giving and I thought what better way to highlight that than the gift that keeps giving. I made a glass-etched plate with the phrase “Make it Give It” on it to present yummy treats. The premise is you give some handmade treats to a friend, neighbor, co-worker, etc., and they, in turn, pass the plate on to another person with some homemade treats. And the cycle of gift giving begins! This is super easy to make with the right supplies.

#makeitgiveit Holiday Cookie Platter

Glass Plate found in the floral section at JOANN
Silhouette Cameo Machine
Silhouette “make it give it” file/non-Silhouette user file
transfer tape
foam brush
Vinyl or Contact Paper
Homemade or Store Bought Sugar Cookies
Wilton Red Candy Melts
Wilton Green Candy Melts
Thick Ribbon
plastic wrap to cover goodies
Rubbing alcohol

1. To etch the plate you will need to download the design and open it in your Silhouette studio program (see above supply list to download). Note: the words are mirrored. If you do not own a Silhouette machine you can use vinyl and an Exacto knife to cut out the phrase.

2. Remove all stickers from the back of the plate and wipe the area down with alcohol so all residue is gone and you have a nice, clean surface.

#makeitgiveit DIY Holiday Platter

3. Transfer the vinyl onto the back of the plate. Press the vinyl down to make sure there are no bubbles and you have a great “stick” between the vinyl and the plate.

#makeitgiveit Holiday Platter from infarrantly creative

4. Using a foam brush apply the Armour Etch. I swipe a thick coat up and down and then right to left a few times to make sure I have covered all of the surface. The Armour Etch says 15 minutes but I have found 25 minutes works a little better.

#makeitgiveit Etched Christmas Cookie Platter

5. Rinse off the Armour Etch with water and pat dry.

How to make your own DIY Holiday Etched Platter

6. Remove your vinyl stencil. You can use stick pins to remove the middles of the o’s and a’s.

#makeitgiveit DIY Holiday Cookie Platter from Infarrantly Creative
Etched DIY Make It Give It Platter from Infarrantly Creative
How to make your own DIY Glass Etched Platter

To make the cookies…
1. With a microwave-safe mug add your melting candy. Microwave on high for 1 minute and then stir. Microwave in increments of 30 seconds stirring in between until the candy is melted.

Wilton Candy Melt Christmas Cookie Recipe

2. Dip half the cookies in red candy melts and then let them cool.

DIY Wilton Candy Melt Holiday Cookies

3. Once cool, repeat step one with green melting candies. Dip the other side in green.

Red and Green Wilton Candy Melt Christmas Cookie Recipe

4. Once cool, arrange them on your plate and cover with plastic wrap.

Yummy Christmas Cookie Recipe from Infarrantly Creative

5. Tie a bow around it and present your gift. Encourage your friend to keep the plate moving by baking something and giving it away.

Great Gift Idea - DIY Christmas Cookie Platter
Make your own Holiday Cookie Platter

And when all the cookies are eaten you are left with the beautiful glass-etched plate. Then it is time to continue the cycle of giving.

DIY Glass Etched Make It Give It Cookie Plate

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