DIY Mermaid Beach Bag

May 11, 2016 By Jessica Abbott
DIY Mermaid Beach Bag

Everything is coming up mermaids lately, and we love it! Here is a fun bag to help get you in the mood for summer, perfect for mermaid loving adults or kids. Hi there! Jess from The Sewing Rabbit, here. Download the free mermaid applique pattern to put on your own beach bag, or get creative and put it on the bottom of a tote, beach towel, or sundress. The possibilities are endless!

mermaid bag
mermaid bag
mermaid bag

Mermaid Beach Bag DIY:
Skill level: Intermediate
Time Needed: Weekend project

Free mermaid applique download
White canvas fabric
Fat quarters for mermaid
Metallic scales cosplay fabric 
Blue RIT dye
Pellon Wonder Under
● Basic sewing essentials

mermaid bag

Download your free mermaid pattern by clicking HERE
mermaid bag

How to make a mermaid beach bag:
mermaid bag
1. Iron the wonder under onto the wrong side of your mermaid fat quarter fabric. Do this for all mermaid upper body pattern pieces (not the tail).

2. Cut out pattern pieces as indicated.

3. Cut (2) rectangles of fabric from the white canvas fabric 14”W b 19”L. Measure along the bottom of the width of the fabric, and place mermaid body where desired ⅜” up from the bottom edge. If you want the mermaid body on both the front and back of the bag, then place mermaid body on opposite side of other fabric rectangle (you want them to be mirror image).

Mark where you want the mermaid to be with a fabric marker or chalk.

4. Remove wonder under paper backing, and iron on. For added security, sew around raw edge using a small zigzag stitch. Repeat for mermaid bodice and hair.

5. Trace facial markings onto the mermaid face, and embroider. I used the darning stitch on my sewing machine and simply moved the needle back and forth as desired. If you do not feel like embroidering the face, you can also use fabric friendly markers or puff paint to simply draw the face on!

mermaid bag
6. Following the RIT dye instructions, prepare the dye bath adding salt to the dye. Make sure the dye water is no higher than 3 – 4” deep.

7. Dip the mermaid fabric panel in, letting the mermaid ‘swim’ in the water for a good 20 minutes. When finished, rinse with cold water until the water runs clear. Run the fabric panels through the washing machine and dryer at this time.

mermaid bag
8. While you are waiting for the dye process to finish, you can sew the straps for the bag. Cut (2) straps 3”L x 60”W. Fold strap in half right sides together, matching up the long outer edge. Pin and sew, using a ½” seam allowance.

9. Using a safety pin or fabric turner, turn strap right side out and press. Tuck the raw side edges ¼” to the inside of the fabric tube and press. Edge stitch all around. Repeat for both straps.

mermaid bag
10. You will have a ‘swimming’ mermaid when finished.

11. Place mermaid tail right sides together, matching up the raw edges. Sew around the sides and bottom. Clip seams and turn right sides out.

12. Stuff tail with polyfil. Baste stitch top opening closed, using a ¼” seam allowance.

13. Pin the top of the tail to the bottom of the bag, directly underneath your mermaid. Baste stitch in place to secure.

mermaid bag
14. Place the front and back of the bag right sides together. Pin around the side and bottom edge and sew using a ½” seam allowance. Finish seam with a serger, zigzag stitch or pinking shears.

15. Fold the top edge ¾” towards the wrong side and press.

16. Find the front top center of your bag, and measure down 1”. Sew 2 buttonholes, 1” in length, and ½” apart from each other, on either side of that center marking. Repeat for both front and back of the top of the bag.

17. Fold the top of the bag down 1.25” towards the wrong side and press. Sew around to secure the tie casing closed.

mermaid bag
18. Pin the bottom of the ties to the bottom of the wrong side of the backpack on either side. Sew a small rectangle around the bottom of each tie to secure.

19. Pin a safety pin to the top of each tie, and bring up through the back buttonholes. Gently pull the tie through the casing to the front of the bag, using the safety pin as your guide, being careful not to twist the safety pin as you pull. Pull the ties through the front buttonholes, remove safety pin – and you are finished!

mermaid bag
mermaid bag

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