DIY Palm Springs Inspired Jewelry Dishes

Apr 19, 2016 By Vanessa Diaz
DIY Palm Springs Inspired Jewelry Dishes

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it’s always so much fun to make creative gifts for my mother each year. Whenever she comes to visit, she loves to visit Palm Springs. It’s an amazing vacation spot near Los Angeles that has some incredible hotels and scenery. I was inspired to make these fun, DIY Palm Springs Inspired Jewelry Dishes so my mother can have a little reminder of her favorite vacation spot all year round. They would also make a creative gift to give any mom this year. Hi everyone! I’m Vanessa Diaz of Brite & Bubbly and here’s how to make these colorful and easy clay jewelry dishes.

Jewelry Dishes

To make these adorable little jewelry dishes you’ll need:
Polymer Clay in bright pink, greens, lavender, and brown. You can also use whatever colors
you’d like to use.
Polyform Sculpey Acrylic Clay Roller.
Sculpey Tools for molding and cutting the clay.
Black and White Acrylic Paint
Thin and regular tipped paintbrushes.
• A Flamingo, Palm Tree, Martini Glass, Camper, and Cactus shaped metal cookie cutters.
Sculpey Clay Glaze.
Cookie Sheet.

Jewelry Dishes
Here’s how to make these mini jewelry dishes:
1. First you roll out your first color of polymer clay with your clay roller. You roll out each color individually so you don’t mix the colors. You also want to make sure you’re rolling on a surface you can dispose of (on paper)or on a protective surface on your table as the color of the clay will stain your table as you roll.

Jewelry Dishes
2. I started with the dark green for the cactus dish. You roll two bricks of the clay together for each dish you make. Once the clay is flat, you take your cactus cookie cutter and cut out the cactus shape.

3. You then take your round head molding tool and mold in some roundness into the arms of the cactus. This makes the cactus more bowl shaped. You then place yourself on top of your cactus cookie cutter. This will help you hold the bowl rounded shape of the cactus dish.

Jewelry Dishes
4. You repeat this same process for each mini jewelry tray you make. I made a flamingo, martini glass, RV trailer, and palm tree.
5. To make the palm tree two different colors, I rolled out the green and brown clays. I used the cookie cutter to cut out each piece for the palm tree. I then used my clay cutting tool to cut the stem off the solid green tree and the top off the brown tree. I combined the brown stem and green tree leaves by rolling them together to create the tree. I then used the ball headed tool to mold the bowl shape into the palm tree. I then placed it onto the cookie cutter to hold the bowl shape.
6. I placed the clay pieces on their cookie cutters on a baking sheet and baked them in the amount of heat and for the duration it stated on the clay packet packaging.

Jewelry Dishes
7. Once the jewelry dishes are done baking, remove them from the oven and remove them carefully from their cookie cutters. Let them cool down completely. They will still be a little rubbery feeling when they come out of the oven. They will get harder once they are completely dry.
8. Once they are completely cooled, you can take your black and white paint to add the accents to the cactus dishes, RV campers, and flamingos.

Jewelry Dishes
9. You can use black speckles of paint on the cactus to look like the thorns on the cactus.

Jewelry Dishes
10. You can draw a door, window and tire on the RV camper dish.
11. Lastly, you’ll give the flamingo a beak, eye, and some legs.

Jewelry Dishes
12. To finish off your mini jewelry dishes, you add a thin layer of glaze to give them a little shine.

Jewelry Dishes
13. Let the glaze dry over night before you use or gift them.

That’s it! You’re done! You have some fun and adorable little jewelry dishes to gift to mom or to use for your fun jewelry collection or pins.

They will definitely make your or your special mom’s vanity or dresser a lot more colorful and cheerful.

Who wouldn’t love a cute flamingo…

Jewelry Dishes
Palm tree…

Jewelry Dishes
Martini glass…

Jewelry Dishes
Or cactus jewelry dish as a gift to hold their jewelry. I know I would! It’s one adorable way to organize your jewelry.

Jewelry Dishes
Be sure to shop the polymer clay section of your favorite JOANN Fabric and Craft Store to make your own fun clay jewelry dishes!

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