DIY Textured Fruit Gift Tags

Jul 16, 2017 By A Subtle Revelry
DIY Textured Fruit Gift Tags

Pretty fruit tags are a quick way to update a summer gift for a friend, or a welcome back note for a teacher this upcoming month. Using embossed paper from JOANN we created this real to life fruit collection that is bright and filled with texture. The fruit could be used to top any favor, card, or gift and they are really simple to make.

So let’s get fruity this year with a bit of colorful paper in the mix.

paper fruit tags

To turn the textured fruit into gift tags a quick hole punch and pretty ribbon will do the trick. Make a stash of these on a crafting afternoon and be ready for all the late summer birthdays coming your way.

paper fruit tags

Hi, I’m Victoria from A Subtle Revelry, and I’m going to show you how to DIY your own Textured Fruit Gift Tags.

paper fruit tags

To make these textured fruit gift tags you will need:
Plain white small cards
Embossed paper, plain paper, and textured paper
Glue stick

1. Start by cutting out the basic shape of the fruit. A triangle for a watermelon, a heart shape for the strawberry, a circle for the peach. Cut this out of the base color, you will need 4 of the basic shapes for each of the fruits.

2. Using the glue combine the fruit shapes back to back to create the 3D textured effect. Leave the backs not glued together to allow for the fruit shapes to lay flat against the card.

3. Add in the textured elements, rinds, seeds, and stems to each of the fruits depending on their variety. This is a great step to inject a little fun into the design.

paper fruit tags

4. Lay the fruit onto the card and glue into place. Punch a small hole at the top to be used for stringing ribbon and attaching to your choice of presents.

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