DIY Yarn Wreaths

Dec 3, 2017 By Abby Smith
DIY Yarn Wreaths

When I think of fall, I think of everything cozy – whether it’s the clothes I’m wearing, the food I’m eating, or the way I decorate my home. One way to add a lot of cozy to your home décor is with yarn wreaths! I love the bohemian vibe they add to any space, and with today’s project, you can enjoy them in your home as well! Abby from Sew Much Ado here, and today I’m sharing how to make three coordinating yarn wreaths!


The yarn aisles at JOANN are full of every texture and weight of yarn you could imagine – I love the chunky neutral yarns that are perfect for the wreaths we’re making!


Hanging in a trio, these wreaths can make quite a statement in any room, and they will be the perfect addition to your fall decor!


Let’s get to work!


Braided Wreath


yarn – 2 coordinating skeins in neutral colors
12” grapevine wreath
ribbon for hanging
glue gun and glue sticks

1. Cut 3 strands of one skein of yarn, each 42” in length. Tie a knot at one end and braid strands together. It’s helpful to tape the knotted end to a wall while braiding. IMG_0802edit630IMG_0804edit630

2. Tuck one end of braid behind a twig on back of wreath and pull braid until the halfway point of braid is under the twig. Wrap one end of braid diagonally around wreath as pictured, tucking braid end under twig to temporarily secure. IMG_0812edit630

3. Repeat with remaining braid end, wrapping in opposite direction, and forming an even X at each crossing point.


4. Repeat steps above with coordinating yarn. When wrapping braid around wreath, position it between each X that was formed earlier.



5. Adjust Xs to ensure evenness, hot glue to secure in place on back of wreath, and trim excess braids.


6. Hot glue ribbon to back of wreath for hanging. IMG_0849edit630

Hanging Yarn Wreath

yarn – 2 coordinating skeins in neutral colors
8” gold macramé ring
faux greenery / flower
glue gun and glue sticks

1. Begin by using hot glue to attach one end of one skein of yarn to gold ring. IMG_0826edit630

2. Wrap yarn around ring repeatedly until ¾ of ring is covered, and secure end in place with hot glue.


3. Cut 10 22” strands from each skein of yarn.


4. Fold one strand of yarn in half, and loop beneath ring as pictured. Place yarn ends through loop and pull gently on yarn to tighten, securing in place.


5. Repeat step above on opposite side of ring.


6. Alternating yarn skeins as desired, repeat steps above to fill space between first knots. Optional: To help secure yarn, place a line of hot glue on back of ring along yarn. If desired, trim yarn ends to a slight center point.




7. Cut and arrange greenery and faux flower as desired on bottom/side of ring. Hot glue in place.



8. Use same knot method as above to tie a hanger at top of ring, tying ends into a bow. IMG_0847edit630

Woven Wreath

Lion Brand Wow Yarn – 1 skein
12” wire wreath frame
faux greenery / flower
Spray paint to match yarn
glue gun and glue sticks

1. Spray paint metal wreath to match yarn color. Allow to dry completely. IMG_0851edit630

2. Working with 24” in length pieces, weave yarn above and below wreath bars, alternating directions back and forth. When reaching end of yarn length, secure each end on wreath back with hot glue, and repeat with another 24” length of yarn (the shorter lengths are much easier to work with than one continuous strand and help to reduce the amount of fuzz created while weaving). Repeat until entire wreath circumference has been woven.




3. Hot glue faux greenery near bottom of wreath. Tie a bow from yarn and hot glue near greenery.


4. To make wreath hanger, loop piece of yarn through outer metal bar at top of wreath and tie in a bow at desired length.


Hang all three wreaths as desired! I used the same method used in my Cactus Wall Hanging Tutorial and love to see all three displayed together!


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