Decorate Sweet Little Mini Scarecrows For Fall

Aug 30, 2017 By Kim Byers
Decorate Sweet Little Mini Scarecrows For Fall

Can you believe fall is here and it’s time to make scarecrows?! We decorate our yard every fall with a scarecrow dressed in bright colors, hay bales, pumpkins and gourds! We make a big deal about decorating as a family and my kiddos really get into it. This year I wanted to bring the fun indoors and make this darling mini scarecrow for our mantel. Hi! I’m Kim Byers of The Celebration Shoppe. Let’s get crafty and I’ll show you how to make a mini scarecrow!

DIY Scarecrow

Before we get started, let’s collect our supplies at JOANN Fabric and Craft Stores:
Simplicity Pattern 8402 (includes a full list of supplies)
Thick Yarn
• Cream Double Knit Fabric (Face and Body, available in-stores)
Cotton Fabric (2-3 coordinating patterns)
Coordinating Ribbon
Button Eyes
Tulip Fabric Marker, Light Pink
Floracraft Straw Bale
Cutting Mat
Rotary Blade
Elmer’s Fabric Glue
Embroidery Thread

Making the scarecrow doll takes a bit of time, but I love that I can redecorate her each year! Maybe even for multiple holidays! Here are the steps:

1. Make doll – follow the pattern directions. They’re easy and they can explain it much better than I can. That said, I strongly recommend that you baste the doll sections before heading to the machine. This type of fabric likes to walk when you’re sewing.

2. Make hair – the hair is fun to make! You’ll use felt for the flat hair on the head, and then choose thick yarn for the rest and follow the pattern directions. I actually made both the braids and the pom hair. I chose to go with the braid, but the poms are darling!

3. Make dress – choose at least two or three patterns of coordinating cotton to work with. I love mixing patterns!

4. Embellish hair – use ribbon and buttons to dress up your scarecrow’s hair. These fun little sunflowers are buttons!

5. Add patches – Cut sections of felt and use embroidery thread to roughly sew the patch into place.

6. Stuff scarecrow – Since I made a doll and I wanted to stuff her with Poly-Fil. The hay inside the doll would be bulky and difficult to work with. I chose to use craft hay and add it to the exterior of the scarecrow. Just bundle the straw in your hand, and tie the bundles to the legs and arms with embroidery thread. I love the look, plus I can take it off and use the doll form for other holidays!

DIY Scarecrow

DIY Scarecrow

Happy fall y’all! As always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create and celebrate with JOANN!

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