Easy DIY Printable Emoji Pins

Jul 7, 2016 By Vanessa Diaz
Easy DIY Printable Emoji Pins

When summer time comes around, it’s the perfect time to wear some fun outfits and show off your cute flair! We are obsessed with pins and it seems like everyone is these days. If you’re looking to add some fun pins to your summer outfits with out breaking the bank, you’ll definitely want to check out this super quick and easy to make flair! Hi everyone! I’m Vanessa Diaz of Brite & Bubbly and today I’m showing you how to make some adorable DIY Printable Emoji Pins out of Shrink Film. They are the fun accessory of the summer!

Emoji Pins

To make this festive party décor you’ll need:

Emoji Pins

• 1 pack of Ink Jet Shrink Film
• Ink Jet Printer
Baking Sheet
Parchment Paper
Pin and Pin Back Sets
E-6000 Glue or Glue Gun
• Free Emoji Pin Printables found here & here

Emoji Pins

Emoji Pins
Here’s how to make these fun pins:

1. First your download our Free Emoji Pin Printables found here & here. You’ll then print out the emoji images on to your Ink Jet Shrink Film using your Ink Jet Printer.

Emoji Pins
2. You’ll then use your scissors to cut each emoji image out carefully from your shrink film printed sheets.
3. You’ll then place the cut out emojis two at a time on parchment paper on a baking sheet. You’ll bake for about 2 minutes. You don’t want the emojis to get too dark or small. You want to make sure they flatten in the oven as they bake.
4. Pull them from the oven and let them cool on a cooling rack or paper towel. They cool very quickly! They will become hard and thick after baking and cooling.
5. Once they have cooled down, using your E-6000 glue or a glue gun, you’ll glue the pin backs on to your emoji pieces. You want to glue them right to the center of the emoji.

Emoji Pins

6. Once the glue is dry, make sure the pin backs are secure on to each emoji piece.
That’s it! You’re done! You can then put your emoji pins aka flair where ever you’d like. They look super cute on a purse or backpack.

Emoji Pins
They also look adorable on a jacket of course.

Emoji Pins

They would be the perfect accent to any summer outfit or accessory you plan to wear out for some fun in the sun!

Emoji Pins

These would also make a fun surprise gifts or party favors for your friends as well! I hope you enjoy these colorful emoji pins as much as I do!

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