Easy DIY Star Wars Ewok Pet Costume

Oct 8, 2015 By Kim Byers
Easy DIY Star Wars Ewok Pet Costume

Hi there! Kim Byers from The Celebration Shoppe here and honestly I’m a little giddy to share my Star Wars Ewok Halloween pet costume. Are you a Star Wars fan? I am. Like seriously a fan. I don’t just watch it because my boys want to. I love all the movies and the animated series. We’ve seen them all! As you might guess, my boys will be Star Wars characters for Halloween this year and our little Shorkie dog, Boo (so appropriate, right?!), will be going trick-or-treat with them as a darling little Ewok! {grin}

Have you been in Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores lately? They have so much fun Star Wars fabric, perfect for making blankets, pajamas, crafts, etc. I’m absolutely making Star Wars fleece blankets for my boys for Christmas.

Let’s get crafty and make an easy DIY Star Wars Ewok Halloween pet costume.

You’ll need:

● ½ yard faux leather fabric
● Leather cord
● Beading cord elastic, white
● Brown thread
● Fabric hole punch
● Roller blade and self-healing mat
● Parchment or wax paper
● Sewing pins
● Fabric measuring tape

Easy steps for making a Star Wars Ewok Halloween pet costume:

Step 1. Measure – measure your dog’s length from neck to bottom (before tail). Also measure from back of neck to top of head and around neck.

Step 2. Make paper template – using your measurements, draw an oval shape on a piece of wax or parchment paper (see the image above as a guide). Place a round saucer overlapping the oval and draw it too. So basically you have a small circle (i.e., hood) slightly overlapping an oval (i.e., body of cape). The overlapping part of the circle will not be cut. (It is in the image and my apologies, I was testing the idea.) The overlap line will be the guide of where to sew the beading elastic. Cut the outside lines of the template and test the template on your pet, pulling the paper loosely around the front of the dog’s chest to make sure that it will fit.

Step 3. Cut – using a roller blade and self-healing mat, cut out your template. Again, an oval with a circle. Do not cut the overlap line. This fabric will not ravel, so there is no need to hem.

Step 4. Sew – using the overlap line you drew (i.e., bottom of the circle), sew beading elastic onto costume and tie ends to form a circle. This will go around dog’s neck. (Tip: Use neck measurement and add some length so you don’t choke your pup. I recommend cutting the elastic and testing it on their neck before sewing it in.)

Step 5. Punch holes – fold fabric in half, lining up edges, and punch three holes for cording where it will close over the dog’s chest.

Step 6. Add leather cording – lace and tie ends so it doesn’t slip out.

Note: I considered cutting the holes for the dog’s ears to stick out like they do in the movie, but she didn’t like that. She didn’t mind the hood, but the ear holes was going too far. {wink}

Here’s our little Ewok from the side.
She’s only about five pounds and makes the perfect little Star Wars character!

Shop this project:

● ½ yard faux leather fabric (in-store)
Leather cord
● Beading cord elastic, white
● Brown thread
● Fabric hole punch (in-store)
● Roller blade and self-healing mat
● Parchment or wax paper
● Sewing pins
● Fabric measuring tape

If you love Halloween pet costumes, we also made a Halloween Candy Corn pet costume.

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Admittedly this pet costume was for me. I don’t have girls so I don’t get to do the frilly too often and couldn’t resist a candy corn tutu for Boo. {grin}

As always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create and celebrate with JOANN!

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