Easy Easter Skirt DIY

Mar 30, 2015 By Jessica Abbott
Easy Easter Skirt DIY

Got 30 minutes? Then you can totally make this super cute, and super easy Easter Peep Skirt for your kids! The holidays always sneak up on us, and we suddenly find ourselves without anything handmade to fill those Easter baskets. Which is why I came up with an easy skirt DIY, that you can make with time to spare. Just follow along with our step-by-step instructions, including a free skirt size chart for kids ages 12 months thru 8 years. There is still time for that handmade Easter present!

Easy Peeps Easter Skirt DIY.
Skill Level: Beginner friendly.
Time Needed: 30 minutes – 1 hour.

Cute Little Girl's Easter DIY Skirt Pattern // Easy DIY Peep Skirt
Cute DIY Easter Skirt Pattern
Cute and FREE DIY Easter Skirt Pattern // Easter Peep Skirt DIY
Easy Peep Skirt Easter DIY // Cute and FREE Easter Skirt Pattern


● Cotton Fabric as listed below for main skirt
● Coordinating Color Cotton Fabric, for paper-doll peeps hem
● Wonder Under
● 1.5” Elastic
● Pen / Marker
● Scissors / Rotary Cutter Optional
● Coordinating Thread
● Other Basic Sewing Essentials

Supplies for DIY Easter Skirt Pattern // DIY Easter Peep Skirt


*Please note, for best fit measure your child and cut dimensions as desired. This is a basic guide to follow. Furthermore, for ease of making the simplest skirt possible – we kept the fullness of the skirt to a minimum. Feel free to cut wider panels and sew a gathering line along the top of the skirt.

Cut the following, (1) fabric panel for ‘Main Skirt’ pattern piece.
● 12 months = 7.75”L x 18”W
● 2T = 8.75”L x 19”W
● 3T = 9.25”L x 20”W
● 4T = 10”L x 21”W
● 5T = 11”L x 22”W
● 6yr = 13.25”L x 22”W
● 7yr = 14”L x 23”W
● 8yr = 14.75”L x 24”W

Cut the following, (1) for Elastic Waistband.
● 12 months = 17.5”
● 2T = 18”
● 3T = 18.5”
● 4T = 19”
● 5T = 19.5”
● 6yr = 20”
● 7yr = 21”
● 8yr = 21.75”


How to Make a DIY Easter Skirt // FREE Easter Skirt Pattern

Step One: Cut (1) fabric panel as suggested above for Main Skirt pattern piece. In order to optimize the ‘easy’ factor of this DIY, this is not a full skirt. Feel free to cut wider panels, and sew a gathering stitch along the top edge in later steps.

Step Two: Cut (1) coordinating fabric panel the same width as your skirt x 5”L. Repeat for Wonder Under.

Step Three: Following the instructions on the Wonder Under packaging, iron onto the wrong side of your coordinating fabric panel.

How to Make a DIY Easter Peep Skirt // Cute and FREE DIY Skirt Pattern

Step Four: Fold your coordinating fabric panel accordion style.

Step Five: Using a pen or marker, draw a sketch of a bunny head on the wrong side of the fabric on the top panel. Make sure the bunny head touches on BOTH sides of the accordion panel. This is essentially the same process as cutting paper-chain dolls. *Be creative, you can make any shape you want so that this skirt is appropriate all year long!

Step Six: Using heavy duty scissors, carefully cut out your bunny head shape. Unfold.

Step Seven: Remove the Wonder Under paper backing, and iron the paper-chain bunny heads onto the bottom of your main skirt panel, on the right side. *Optional, edge stitch around the top of the bunny’s face and ears for additional security.

DIY Easter Skirt Pattern // Easy DIY  Peep Skirt Pattern

Step Eight: Fold skirt panel right sides together, matching up side seams. Pin and sew. Finish seam with either a serger, zig zag stitch, or pinking shears. Press open. This will be your BACK center seam.

Step Nine: Finish the top raw edge of your skirt with either a zig zag stitch, serger, or pinking shears. Hem the bottom of your skirt by folding ½” towards the wrong side and pressing. Fold again ½”, press, and sew.

Cute and Easy DIY Easter Bunny Peep Skirt // Cute Pattern for Easter Skirts

Step Ten: Fold elastic in half, matching up the raw side edges. Pin in place and sew.

Step Eleven: Press elastic seam open, and sew around the seam in a rectangle shape to secure down.

Step Twelve: Slip elastic over the top of the skirt waist, right sides together, matching up the back skirt center seam and the elastic seam. Pin in 4 places, the back, front and 2 sides. *If wider skirt panels were desired, THIS is when you would want to sew a gathering stitch along the top of your skirt, prior to pinning on the elastic. Gather the skirt fabric until the skirt is about ¼ larger than the elastic waistband in width.

Step Thirteen: Sew around, stretching the elastic as you sew so that it is the same width as your skirt.

DIY Easter Skirt // Easy DIY Easter Skirt Pattern

Fold elastic waistband up, and you are finished!

Easy Peep Skirt DIY // FREE Elastic Waist Skirt Pattern
Cute and PERFECT for Easter // DIY Elastic Waist Band FREE Skirt Pattern
SUPER Cute Girls Elastic Wait Skirt Pattern // FREE DIY Skirt Pattern
Adorable DIY Easter Peep Skirt // Easter Skirt Pattern

We had a lot of fun photographing this skirt. My little one loved it so much, that she started spontaneously dancing in it. I would call that a SUCCESS. (It may or may not be the fact that this skirt is fashioned after one of her favorite Easter treats.)

DIY Easter Skirt // Super Cute Easter Skirt with FREE Pattern

Happy Easter!

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