Easy Heart Fondant Cake

Jan 12, 2015 By Courtney O'Dell
Easy Heart Fondant Cake

How to make a fondant cake

Every year, I come up with a long list of things to do as resolutions. While a good number of them are for my own betterment, one of my resolutions this year is to create more- and I am SO excited to be working with JOANN Fabric and Crafts to share some of the creations I have been making for family and friends.

I have two young kids, who love the magic and wonder around holidays. They were entranced with Halloween and Christmas- loved filling their bellies at Thanksgiving- and now they are a little bummed all the magic is over. So this year, I am going to try to make other holidays (like Valentines Day, Easter, etc) more magical- as well as adding more fun to our everyday lives.

One of their favorite parts of a holiday comes from the fun treats I like to bake to celebrate- and I intend to break out a whole lot more cake-making ideas in 2015. One of my top resolutions is to get more familiar with fondant- and today I am so excited to share this easy fondant heart cake that you can make in a breeze!

To start:

Add a baseball sized amount of Decorators Preferred Fondant to a plastic bag (or hold it in your hands and wear plastic gloves). Dip a toothpick into rose colored gel food coloring, and knead into fondant until color is spread evenly and at your desired hue. Add more color if necessary.

Roll out fondant into a 1/8” thick layer. Use heart shaped fondant cutters to punch out heart shapes. Add nonperils to hearts as a decoration, let dry.

Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Fondant Cake Decor

Bake cake in Wilton Heart Pan according to recipe instructions (or use a box mix!).

When cake has cooled, use a cake leveler to create a clean, straight, and level cake.

Tutorial on how to make heart shaped fondant caked decorations

Spray with cake seal (this will help reduce crumbs mixing into icing).

Steps on how to decorate a cake with fondant

Add a generous amount of buttercream onto cake, spread it around in an even layer (it doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth, but you don’t want large globs of icing in one part of the cake that will cause an uneven surface for fondant- so just gently smooth out icing with an offset spatula).

Roll out large ball of fondant- about the size of two baseballs.- in a shape that is about 3” larger than the cake (so you will have enough fondant to drape over the cake).

If your fondant sticks to a rolling pin, simply knead a little powdered sugar into it.

Drape fondant over cake and smooth with fondant smoother.

Add hearts onto cake with a dab of buttercream as “glue”.

Let set about ½ hour- keep in a cool, dry place until serving.

For more information on draping cakes with fondant, check out this guide I have on Sweet C’s Designs – using products from JOANN Fabric and Craft Stores.

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