Easy Ruffle Wreath & Mini Valentine’s Day Cross Stitch Bunting

Jan 22, 2015 By Kim Byers
Easy Ruffle Wreath & Mini Valentine’s Day Cross Stitch Bunting

Hi there! Kim from The Celebration Shoppe here! I shared a simple tutorial for Cross-Stitch inspired Valentine pillow covers a few weeks ago. Keeping with my crafting resolution for 2015, to bring a new take to an old childhood craft, I’ve whipped up another very simple and fun take on cross-stitch: mini Valentine’s Day bunting!

DIY Valentine's Day Wreath

But before we create our bunting, let’s make a simple no-sew ruffle wreath to hang it on.

How to make a DIY bunting Valentine's Day Wreath

Here’s what you’ll need for the wreath:

• 1/2 stripe fabric
• 3/4 yard solid red (two-sided) fabric
• Straw wreath (keep plastic on)
• Sewing pins
• Fabric glue
• Screwdriver
• Suggested crafting tools: Cutting mat, ruler, clear quilter ruler, roller blade, iron

Let’s get crafty!

1. Cut solid fabric – iron all the fabric, then using a cutting mat, roller blade, and a ruler (or clear quilter ruler if you have one), cut the solid fabric into 5×5” squares. (Note: For the wreath to look full, it takes almost every square to fill in the front and sides.)

2. Cut stripe fabric – cut four 2.5” strips (across the stripe).

3. Wrap – using three strips of 2.5” fabric, pin one end of the stripe fabric to the back of the wreath and start wrapping, pulling or relaxing the fabric to match the stripes up on each wrap around. (Tip: small stripe fabric is easier to match up since the gap between each is smaller.) Use touches of fabric glue on the back of the wreath to secure any ravels or edges.

4. Ruffle punch – using a screw driver, punch the fabric (from the center) into the remaining sections of wreath. Fill in the entire front and sides until the wreath is no longer visible. It should be very thick and once done punch any stray pieces in further to even out the ruffle.

5. Hanger – use the fourth strip of 2.5” fabric as a ribbon to hang the wreath. (Note: I surged the edges with red thread, but it’s not necessary. You can also use a regular solid black ribbon.)

How to make your own DIY Cross-Stitch Bunting

Now let’s add a little cross-stitch inspired bunting! You’ll need:

• Black cross-stitch fabric
• Black cross-stitch thread
• Needle
• Gold Painter’s pen
• Suggested crafting tools: Cutting mat, roller blade, ruler, scissors

Let’s get crafty… again!

1. Cut blocks – using the lines in the fabric as a guide, cut four 1.5×2” pieces. (Tip: Use the first as a guide for the others to make sure they’re consistent as you’ll need to follow the paths in the fabric so that the edges don’t look frayed.)

2. Cut triangle – find the center point and cut out a small triangle from the bottom, creating bunting. Again, use the first as a guide so that all four pieces are consistent.

3. Paint – write an “X” in dots on two and an “O” in dots on the other two. (Tip: using a piece of paper cut to the same size, write the phrase to get a good idea of spacing.)

4. String – using a needle and cross-stitch thread, hang each piece of bunting and move along thread for spacing.

5. Hang – for a wreath embellishment, use fabric glue to adhere the bunting to the wreath.

How to make DIY Cross-Stitch Bunting

Or, you could wrap the bunting around two lollipop sticks for a lovely Valentine’s Day cake bunting! Nothing quite says I love you like chocolate cake with peanut butter filling if you’d like to give it a whirl!

As always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create and celebrate!


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