Easy-Sew Ruffle Apron

Feb 5, 2015 By Kim Byers
Easy-Sew Ruffle Apron

How to sew a ruffle apron

Hi there! Kim from The Celebration Shoppe here! I’ve been baking and paper crafting for years, but I’m still learning the art of a sewing machine. (Thank goodness I have a super talented mom showing me the way.) So with this in mind, I still take shortcuts anytime I can.

How to DIY an Easy Sew Ruffle Apron

Take this super cute Valentine apron I whipped up in just 30 minutes as an example. I picked up a pre-made white apron from the clothing section of JOANN (the section you’ll find fabric paint, t-shirts, totes, hats, and yes, aprons) and I chose two complimentary patterns/colors of fabric. In no time I had a frilly, girly, ruffle apron!

Here’s what you’ll need:

• 1/2 yard pattern fabric
• 1/2 yard solid fabric
• Pre-made adult size apron
• Thread matching each fabric choice
• Fabric glue
Suggested crafting tools: Cutting mat, ruler, roller blade, iron, serger and sewing machine

DIY Easy Sew 5 Minute Ruffle Apron Tutorial

Let’s get crafty!

1. Cut fabric, large ruffles – cut four 5” wide strips of alternating fabric (the entire length of your fabric). I have four ruffles on the bottom of the apron, so two of each color.
2. Cut fabric, small ruffle – cut one 2.5” wide strip.
3. Serge – serge each strip all the way around cutting .25” off as you go.
4. Cut dental floss – cut dental floss .5” longer than the width of the apron (where the ruffle will be attached).
5. Attach paperclip – attach a paperclip to both ends of floss so that it doesn’t get pulled into the stitch.
6. Make ruffle with dental floss trick – using a zigzag stitch, sew roughly 3/8” wide stitch over floss.
7. Pull floss – remove paperclip from one end and pull floss out bunching the ruffle as you go.
8. Sew – Sew ruffles, overlapping bottom ones approximately 2”, to premade apron. Try to center between zigzag stitches.
9. Secure – secure any stray threads or edges with a touch of fabric glue.

Now all you need is the perfect cake recipe for Valentine’s Day! I suggest Red Velvet Chocolate, a recipe I’ll be sharing on The Celebration Shoppe today.

Red Velvet Chocolate Cake Recipe

Want more easy ruffle ideas? Don’t miss my no-sew Valentine wreath with “punch” ruffles! It’s super simple and with a few color changes, perfect for every season.

As always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create and celebrate!


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