Easy Trimmed Pillows

Jan 1, 2015 By Merrick White
Easy Trimmed Pillows

Easy DIY Trimmed Envelope Pillows FREE Pattern

Happy New Year everyone! During the month of January, we’re all making new goals and resolutions, and one of mine is to finally finish my baby’s nursery. Yes, he’s almost two and a half, but better late than never, right?

Well, today I want to share a super easy project that I did for his room, but you can do for any room in your house — pillows! But these aren’t just any pillows, these are pillows with trim. They’re still just as easy, but they’re so much more fun and I had a blast making them.

How to make trimmed nursery pillows
DIY Trimmed Envelope Pillow Instructions

For the 15” square pillow:
¾ yard fabric (quilting cotton or upholstery fabric work best)
1 ¾ yard trim
Matching thread
15”x15” pillow form

For the 12”x16” pillow:
½ yard fabric
1 ½ yard trim
Matching thread
12”x16” pillow form
Step 1: Cut your pieces. Cut one piece of fabric, 16”x16”, and then two smaller pieces, 16”x12”.

Easy DIY Trimmed Envelope Pillow FREE Pattern

Step 2. Take one of your smaller 16”x12” pieces and hem one of the long sides by folding the edge over twice, pressing in place with your iron, and then sewing a straight stitch along the fold. Repeat for the second 16”x12” piece.

FREE Pattern for DIY Envelope Trimmed Pillows

Step 3. With right side facing up, lay your square 16”x16” piece on the ground. Lay your trim across the top edge and cut a piece of trim about 1” shorter than the width of your pillow. Now lay one of your smaller 16”x12” pieces on top with right side down, as shown. Pin in place, and then sew a straight seam across the top of the pillow, securing the three pieces together. Repeat for the bottom of the pillow, attaching the second smaller back piece to it. Then finally repeat for the sides, making sure you overlap the two back pieces, as shown in the second photo below. Now all four sides should be sewn up with fringe attached.

Make your own Trimmed Pillows with this easy DIY patternEasy DIY Envelope Pillows

Step 4. Cut the corners of your square, as shown, and then turn your pillowcase inside out and insert your pillow form and you’re done!

Easy DIY Envelope Pillow Tutorial
DIY Trimmed Envelope Pillow Instructions
Easy DIY Pillows for your Nursery

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