Embellish a Sweater with a DIY Removable Collar

Jan 6, 2016 By Merrick White
Embellish a Sweater with a DIY Removable Collar

Time to get out of that January slump! There’s still a lot of winter left, so today I’m excited to share an easy DIY project that will help dress up your winter sweaters and keep them fresh and fun until spring — an easy removable collar! I love that you can put it on to change your entire look, or take it off when you want something a little more basic. And they’re so easy so you can make about one hundred of them.

Here’s what you’ll need:
● paper to make a pattern (and an existing collared shirt for basic measurements)
● felt (in the color of your choice)
● fabric
● pins/scissors
● hook and eye (or safety pin)

Step 1. Use an existing collar for measurements and draw it on to your paper. Cut it out and wrap around your neck to make sure the measurements are correct.

Step 2. Using the pattern, cut out your felt. Using the felt helps give the fabric some weight and helps the collar keep its shape. If your fabric is already sturdy, you can just use the same fabric on the back and front.

Step 3. Once your felt is cut out, cut your fabric out in the same shape.

Step 4. With right sides together, sew all the way around the collar, but leave a 4 inch section at the back of the neck so you can turn it right side out.

Step 5. Turn it right side out, tuck the 4 inches of fabric in, and top stitch in place. Press your collar flat.

Embellish a Sweater with a DIY Removable Collar

Step 6. Now add a hook and eye to the tips of your collar, or just use a small safety pin to attach the collar together after you put it on. And you’re done!

Embellish a Sweater with a DIY Removable Collar

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