Fabric Ping Pong Net

Jul 14, 2015 By Jessica Abbott
Fabric Ping Pong Net

Love ping pong? This fun summer craft turns any table into a ping pong table!  A budget friendly craft project, that will provide hours of summertime fun. Let us show you just how easy this fabric ping pong net is to make. Your family can be playing ping pong, in less than one hour.

Fabric Ping Pong Net – Summer Craft DIY.

Skill Level: Beginner
Time Needed: 30 minutes – 1 hour

Turn any table in to a ping pong table // DIY Ping Pong Table For Kids Fabric Ping Pong Net // Make your own game table DIY Fabric Ping Pong Net


  • ½ yard quilting cotton
  • (2) Dowels / wooden sticks – at least 12” in length each
  • Rubber bands
  • (2) Clamps (found for $1 at Home Depot)
  • Measuring tape
  • Table

*Please make sure your clamps have a small hole in the top and bottom near the ‘jaw’. The cheap home depot clamps have this hole. (see photo below)




Step One: Measure the width of your table.


Step Two: Cut (1) rectangle of fabric 16”L x (Table width + 2”)W.

Step Three: Fold the long width raw edges ½” towards the wrong side and press.


Step Four: Fold in half again, wrong sides together, matching up the folded edge. Sew side seams with a ½” seam allowance.


Step Five: Turn right side out, push out corners and press.  Sew ½” away from side seams, creating a casing for the net poles on both sides. Sew the bottom net edge closed, in between the casings. (*Do not sew the casing bottom edge).


Step Six: Wrap rubber band around the bottom edge of dowel. (I doubled up 2 kabob sticks for my ‘stick’).


Step Seven: Clamp either side of the table in the middle (where you want the net to be). Slip the dowel into the top hole of the clamp, adjusting the rubber band as needed so that the dowel goes through to the second clamp hole on the bottom.


Slip the side casings of the fabric over the wooden dowels, and you are finished.  Grab your rackets, a plastic ball, and have fun!

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