Fall Entryway

Nov 15, 2017 By Emily Miller
Fall Entryway


Lovelies, Emily here from B. Lovely Events and I am welcoming fall today in the prettiest way possible, on the porch! Decorating the porch entryway is one my favorite things to do for each season and each holiday. Fall is a perfect time to refresh the space and bring is all things wonderful about fall. Bring out the pumpkins, leaves and cozy colors because today we are making over your porch. Of course, with a little DIY thrown in there too! It’s fall, y’all!

Fall Monogram Rug
The first fall porch project we will be doing today is a monogram doormat. I love anything monogrammed, and it especially looks great on a porch! JOANN has some fabulous doormats to choose from and they can all be customized with your monogram.

Here is what you need:

Doormat– I choose this sea grass one because the color is perfect for fall and it has a earthy feel that I love too.
Cricut Explore Air 2 – Love this cutting machine! It can do wonders.
Cricut Gold Vinyl –  you can also use an iron-on too!
Cricut Transfer paper
Cricut Cutting Mat
Cricut Weeding Tool

Let’s get started!

First, find an image of a monogram that you love and would work on a doormat. Save it to your computer. A black and white image is perfect, because it easily uploads to the space.

Next, upload the image to Design Space and remove all of the white behind the letter, leaving just the letter to cut. Size this to just about 11” so it’s large enough to be on the mat.
monogram cricut.PNG
Next, add the vinyl to the cutting mat and load it into your Cricut machine. Hit “Make It” in Design Space, turn the dial to vinyl and hit “Go” on the cutting machine.
Monogram run tutorial (2).jpg
Weed out the letter from the vinyl and use the weeding tool to get the small sections removed.
Monogram run tutorial (1).jpg
Then, take your transfer tape and transfer the monogram to it. Line up the monogram on the mat and apply. Since the mat can be a little uneven as a surface, you may need to manually place the monogram on the mat in some areas.
You can also iron this on with the Cricut iron on paper with similar steps as above so that is more secure. Both work wonderfully though!

Once in place and fully secured, the doormat is complete!
Festive Fall Porch Decorations (8)
Fall Door Sign
Festive Fall Porch Decorations (6)
Signs are also a really great decor piece to add to your front door or your porch. JOANN always has amazing signs to choose from, and there are some fabulous fall ones in the store right now! You just need a few things and a few steps to customize your fall sign for your entryway to bring a little more fall to it!

Here is what you need:

Be Thankful Sign (or really any sign that tickles your fancy)
Blooming Autumn Oak Leaves
Stem of yarn pom poms in red, yellow & brown
Glue Sticks and Glue Gun
Wire Cutters
DIY Fall Frame Decor (2)
Start by removing the corners of your frame. You may need needle nose pliers or scissors to remove the plastic covers.
DIY Fall Frame Decor (4)
Then, take the wire cutters and remove some leaves from the stems and the poms poms.
DIY Fall Frame Decor (3)
Next, heat up the glue gun. While you wait, plan how you want the poms poms and leaves arranged on the outside of your sign. Once planned put, glue them into place.

DIY Fall Frame Decor (6)
DIY Fall Frame Decor (5)
I really like the cluster look of these pom poms together and the added leaf accent on the corner was really cute, too!
DIY Fall Frame Decor (7)
What I love about this project is you can decorate it however you want! One corner, two corners or more, it’s completely up to you how you want to design your sign. I went with the top two corners having a little bit of fall. It turned a regular sign into a lovely fall one!
DIY Fall Frame Decor (1)
Fall Leaf Wreath

This is by far my favorite project for this fall porch. Wreaths have such a soft spot in my heart and I love picking them out or making them each year. This fall wreath is chock full of leaves, pumpkins, color and vibrancy and will make a statement on any door!

DIY Fall leaf wreath

Here is what you need:

Foam Wreath
2 Mini Red Maple Leaf Stems
2 Mini Yellow Maple Leaf Stems
2 Pumpkin Spray Stems
2 Oak Leaves Stems
Poms poms, if you’d like

This is a little more complex so we made a step by step video for you!


Once you have all of these projects done, you are ready to make over your porch for fall!
Festive Fall Porch Decorations (13)
Funkins are a great way to add in color and earthiness to your porch. They are really great in weather and won’t rot, so you can keep them year after year! You can even carve them for Halloween so they are really a double-duty decoration.
Festive Fall Porch Decorations (7)
I just love this fall sign for the porch. It’s large enough to really make a statement and the lettering is so chic. Jo-Ann has these small little chalk pumpkins too that you can place in different areas to bring out the fall décor a little more.
Festive Fall Porch Decorations (9)
This leaf planter was perfect for putting in all of the extra pomp om stems and leaf stems from the projects. Adding them in to something like this helps tie the whole look of the porch together.
Festive Fall Porch Decorations (5)
I am obsessed with lanterns and I love added them to porches and entryways. Add in a few leaves from your stems you bought, to bring this lovely large metal lantern and little fall flair.
Festive Fall Porch Decorations (4)

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I love how the fall leaf looks on the door too. It is so vibrant and adds that pop of color to the overall look!

Festive Fall Porch Decorations (11)

Festive Fall Porch Decorations (10)

Festive Fall Porch Decorations (1)

Festive Fall Porch Decorations (8)

Festive Fall Porch Decorations (6)

Festive Fall Porch Decorations (13)

Happy Decorating!
Emily- B. Lovely Events

Fall Wreath

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