Five Minute DIY Headbands

Jul 26, 2015 By Stefanie Knaus
Five Minute DIY Headbands

Hi there!  It’s Stef from Girl. Inspired. here today!  The start of the school year is just around the corner and this week we’re getting our back to school wardrobes organized!  Hair accessories help pull together any little girl’s outfit and they are a fun way to express personality and style. These DIY Headbands could not possibly be simpler to make.  The supplies are all ready for you to mix and match and make the perfect headband to coordinate with your school clothes!

DIY Headband Supplies

Simplicity brand fabric or braided headbands in desired size/color
Simplicity brand flower/bead/bow accessories
Realeather leather scraps
Hot glue gun/gluesticks
Felt scraps

5 Minute Headband DIY // Make your own headband!

These headbands can be put together in minutes.  Remove packaging and tags from the headband and accessory piece.  There are a wide variety of colors, sizes, and styles in both the headbands and the accessory pieces.  You will simply hot glue the accessory piece on top of the headband.  I think these look best with the accessory piece centered about midway from the ear to the top of the head – it may help to put the headband on and hold up the accessory piece to determine the best positioning.  Add a dab of hot glue to the headband and press the center of the accessory piece into place.  Once that cools, gently lift up the remaining sides of the accessory piece and glue them into place (put the glue onto the back of the accessory piece versus directly onto the headband so that you don’t accidentally spread the glue beyond the accent piece.  Working on smaller parts at a time will ensure that the hot glue does not cool before you are able to position the piece in place.  Allow to cool completely.

DIY Headband

Some of the accessory pieces may come with felt tabs that the headband can slide through.  You can also add felt on the bottom side of the headband as a backing.  This isn’t necessary but can add security to the headband or cover unsightly glue on the underside.

5 Minute Headband Tutorial // Easy Headband DIY

That’s all there is to it!  You can make a pile to go with every outfit!

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