Fluffy Lllama Coloring Caddy

Mar 26, 2018 By Bev McCullough
Fluffy Lllama Coloring Caddy

Hi JOANN  readers – it’s Bev from Flamingo Toes here today with a fun and fluffy llama coloring caddy! This cute caddy makes it so easy to take along a pad of paper and crayons on trips or even to a restaurant. Plus, it’s decorated with the sweetest little fluffy llama – what could be better?!

Crayon and Paper Car Carrier

Paper and Crayon Car Caddy

Inside the caddy is a pocket for paper or a coloring book. There’s also two sections for crayons – plenty for any project!

Crayon Car Caddy

I love how the sweet little llama is on the front too! He matches the llamas inside with his cute blanket and pom pom trim.

Sweet Llama AppliqueIt’s easy to sew up, too!


● 1 yard Orange Diamond Geo fabric

● 1/2 yard Llama Print

● 1/8 yard Packed Diamonds on Navy

● 1/4 yard White Soft n Comfy Fabric

● 1 yard Fusible Fleece

● 1/2 yard Craft Fuse

● 1/8 Yard Wool Felt

Fusible Adhesive

DMC Floss 3379

Orange Mini Pom Pom Trim

● 1 yard woven tapestry Aztec trim

● 1 1/2″ navy button

Drawing Pad


Llama Applique Pattern

Begin by cutting out sections of felt and soft and comfy fabric slightly larger than the pattern. Iron fusible adhesive to the wrong side of the fabrics. Use a pressing cloth for the soft and comfy fleece. Cut out the feet of the llama from felt and the body of the llama from the fluffy fleece fabric.

Cut out two pieces of fabric from the orange print 22″ x 14″. Fold one piece in half and center the llama fabrics on the top half of the rectangle. Remove the paper backing and iron the llama in place.

Llama applique and patternStitch around the fabrics with a small zigzag stitch. Cut out the blanket and enough of the pom pom trim for the bottom of the blanket piece. Zigzag around the blanket fabric. Stitch the llama eye with a French Knot and 6 strands of DMC floss.

Llama Applique for Crayon CaddyFor the paper pocket on the inside, cut out a piece of fabric 12″ x 11″ on the fold. Cut a piece of craft fuse 12″ x 11″ and iron it to one half of the wrong side of the pocket piece. Fold the fabric so right sides are together and sew along the top edge of the piece. Turn right side out and press.

Place the pocket so it lines up with the bottom and left side of the inside piece. Sew the right side of the pocket in place.

Inside of Llama CaddyCut out two strips of fabric 7″ x 10″. Fold each strip in half long ways and sew the short and long sides, leaving an opening for turning. Turn right side out and press. Place the two pockets on the right side of the inside panel and sew around the short sides and the left side of each pocket. Sew seams to the hold the crayons every 1″.

Crayon holdersFor the handles, cut two pieces of ribbon 15″ each. Cut two pieces of fabric 4″ x 15″. Fold the fabric strips in half and sew the long seam. Turn right side out and press with the seam in the center of the strip. Lay the ribbon over the seam, centered on the fabric strip. Sew down each side of the ribbon.

Ribbon Straps for Crayon Caddy

Iron a piece of fusible fleece to the wrong side of the outer panel fabric.Cut a 5″ piece of orange pom pom trim. Fold the trim in half and pin it to the side of the outer fabric panel opposite the llama applique so the raw ends are along the edge of the fabric. Pin the handles in place as well, with each end of the handle 4″ from the edge of the outer panel and the handle pointing in towards the center of the outer fabric panel. Place the inner panel and outer panel right sides together and sew around all four sides, leaving an opening for turning in the bottom. Turn right side out and press, so the handles and the pom pom trim point out. Sew the opening closed by hand.

Handle of Crayon CaddySew the button to the front of the caddy by reaching into the inside of the paper pocket. Make sure the button is placed so the pom pom trim will slip over it to hold the caddy closed.

pom pom trim closureNow your crayon caddy is all set to take on an adventure!

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