Four DIY Stocking Stuffers To Love

Dec 19, 2017 By Abby Smith
Four DIY Stocking Stuffers To Love

Christmas is just around the corner, and I don’t know about you, but while I love shopping and making gifts, I always have a hard time deciding on stocking stuffers! It’s always tricky to find something both meaningful and useful, but today we have you covered! I’m Abby from Sew Much Ado, and today I’m sharing FOUR different DIY stocking stuffers that your family and friends will love to receive!

JOANN has all the supplies to get you from start to finish with all four projects, including a lip chap holder keychain…

Lip Chap Holder Keychain (6 of 12)

A monogram wood slice coaster…

Wood Slice Coasters (11 of 11)

A faux terrarium necklace…

Terrarium Necklace DIY (4 of 6)

And my personal favorite, these “It’s time to cuddle,” socks!

If You Can Read This Socks 630px (11 of 15)

Read on to make your own!

Lip Chap Holder Keychain

Lip Chap Holder Keychain (9 of 12)

1/8yd main fabric 100% cotton
1/8yd lining fabric – 100% cotton
1/8yd fusible lightweight interfacing
snaps and snap tool – size 15/16
basic sewing supplies – thread, pins, scissors
Cricut Explore Air 2 and cutting file HERE
Cricut Iron-on – gold
pattern – download HERE, print at 100% (no scaling), and tape pieces together as instructed on pattern pieces

To Sew Holder:


1. Cut fabric/interfacing as instructed on pattern pieces.

2. Trim ¼” from all edges of interfacing (to reduce bulk in seam allowances) and fuse to wrong side of main fabric.

3. Right sides together, match and pin raw edges of main and lining pieces. Stitch around all edges, leaving 2-3” opening on one long edge.

4. Trim corners, clip curves, and turn pieces right side out. Use sharp point to ensure neat corners. Press flat, turning raw edges of opening ¼” toward wrong side, and topstitch 1/16-1/8” from pressed edges around all sides.

5. Follow manufacturer’s directions to attach snaps as marked on pattern piece. Ensure snap placement will be correct in the finished holder before securing, with right side of snap top (female end) on main fabric right side at top of holder, and male end of snap on main fabric right side at bottom of holder.

6. Fold bottom of holder upward along dotted line on pattern piece, main fabric outward and lining fabric inward. Check that snaps match up properly (adjust position of fold if needed), and stitch over previous topstitching, through all layers on each side of fold, forming pocket.

7. Fold top of holder downward, lining right sides together, matching curves on each side and ensuring snaps match properly. Stitch horizontally from corner to corner at bottom of curves.

8. Thread key chain through curved opening.

To Add Iron-on TexT:

9. Use Cricut Explore Air 2 to cut this “PUCKER UP” file using Cricut Iron-On. Be sure to click “mirror” when cutting! IMG_1205-35

10. Remove negative iron-on and center text, sticky side down, on bottom of holder. Use iron or heat press to fuse iron-on to fabric. Remove clear plastic.


Lip Chap Holder Keychain (1 of 12)

Monogram Wood Slice Coasters

Wood Slice Coasters (8 of 11)

wood slice coaster
Cricut Explore Air 2
Cricut adhesive vinyl
Cricut transfer tape
Measuring tape
Clear spray sealer – I used Rustoleum Chalked Matte found at my local Jo-Ann store
craft felt – enough to cover bottom of coaster
glue gun and glue sticks

1. If necessary, lightly sand wood slice to ensure smooth surface. Measure diameter of wood slice and determine desired size of monogram.

2. Use Cricut Explore Air 2 and Cricut Design Space to create project with using desired monogram letter.

3. Follow on screen prompts to cut monogram from vinyl.


4. Weed negative vinyl and place transfer tape over vinyl. Use scraper to ensure proper adhesion and remove paper from vinyl.




5. Center monogram on coaster and use scraper to adhere vinyl to wood. Remove transfer tape.




6. Spray top and sides of coaster with clear sealer. Let dry and add additional coats of sealer as desired (I did 3 coats).


7. Trace coaster shape on felt and cut felt, approximately 1/4-1/2” inside of traced line. IMG_1174-21

8. Use glue gun and hot glue to adhere felt to bottom of coaster.



Mini Faux Terrarium Necklace

Terrarium Necklace DIY (6 of 6)

mini glass vial – I used a mini hildie & jo vial found in the jewelry section at my local JOANN that had a screw eye attached to the cork, but these mini vials would also work by adding your own screw eyes.

mini rocks – I used tiny gold decorative rocks found at my local Jo-Ann store
mini faux flower
chain and lobster claw (with jump rings attached)
e-6000 glue and toothpick

1. Remove cork from vial. Because the screw eye attached was silver, I covered the cork with painting tape, excluding the screw eye, and painted the screw eye gold. Once completely dry, I removed the tape.


2. One by one, layer sand, rocks, moss, and a faux flower in the vial. Use toothpick as needed to place objects as desired.




3. Use toothpick to dab e-6000 glue around inside top of vial. Replace cork, firmly pushing it into vial and glue. Allow to dry completely.


4. If necessary, use jewelry pliers to shorten chain. Use pliers to open jump rings and secure to ends of chain, attaching lobster claw to necklace.


Message Socks

If You Can Read This Socks 630px (8 of 15) - Copy
Pair of socks
Cricut machine (I use the Explore Air 2) and Cricut Design Space project HERE
Cricut Iron-on – black cardboard: 2 pieces cut to 4×8.5” each (adjust according as instructed below)

1. Cut piece of cardboard approximately 4×8.5”. This size worked well for these socks, but you can adjust as needed – when placed inside the sock sole, the sole should be gently stretched so the sole is flat, without any wrinkles. It works well to measure the width and length of the sock and add 1” to each measurement. Place cardboard in each sock sole. IMG_1180-24





2. Use Cricut Design Space project to cut text from iron-on. Be sure to click “mirror” before cutting! Project can be re-sized for different sock sizes as needed.



3. Weed negative vinyl.



4. Center iron-on on sole of each sock, place press cloth over top, and fuse iron-on to each sock with high heat. Remove plastic covering and cardboard.



If You Can Read This Socks 630px (14 of 15)

Great job! Time to surprise your loved ones with your fun stocking stuffers!

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