Four Unique Ways to Wrap Gifts

Dec 3, 2017 By Kara Whitten
Four Unique Ways to Wrap Gifts

Some may say it’s silly to spend so much time wrapping a gift, when the wrapping will just be thrown away, but I feel like its a great way to get your recipient excited about the gift before they even open it. Wouldn’t you much rather open and pretty gift? Not only are these 4 unique gift wrapping ideas pretty, but they all incorporate items that can be reused. So it’s almost like a gift on top of a gift or a gift that keeps on giving!

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First up, let’s talk about my favorite of the four, the faux box of flowers.

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While it may look like an ordinary bouquet of flowers in a wood vase, it is actually a box with a faux flower lid that can be opened to reveal the present inside. Then the flowers and the box can be reused for decor. How fun is that?!

To make your own faux flower gift box you will need, one wood veneer box, faux flowers, a piece of cardboard, hot glue, and a utility knife.

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Begin by cutting the cardboard down to the same size as the opening in the wood box. Then us the knife to cut x slits in the cardboard. Next, insert the faux flower stems into the slits and use the hot glue to hold them in place. Add greenery and more flowers to cover the cardboard lid with flowers.

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Once the lid is covered, add tissue paper and your gift to the box and cover with the faux flower lid.

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Next up is the monogram box made with a paper mache letter, mod podge, paint, and decorative paper.

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Begin by using the utility knife to cut along side the top of the letter leaving one side uncut to act as the hinge for the box.

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Once open, remove the inner cardboard pieces and use acrylic paint or spray paint to paint the letter. Once dry, trace the letter on the back of a piece of decorative paper and cut it out. Then use the mod podge with a foam brush to adhere the paper to the box. Give the paper one or two coats of mod podge on the top and let dry. Then your box can be filled with all sorts of small goodies!

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The third unique gift wrapping idea is to turn plain unfinished wood boxes into colorful candy! A few colors of acrylic paint and some colorful card stock are all you need to make the transformation.

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Simply paint the boxes with the paint, cut out a few candy wrapper tails from the card stock and glue them onto the sides of the boxes.

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The final gift wrap idea can be used with pretty much any boxed gift, and can be customized to the holiday, party theme, or recipients favorite colors. To make your own tied felt wrapped gift, you will need roughly 1/4 yard of 3-4 different colors of felt.

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Using a pair of scissors or a rotary cutter and mat, cut your felt down into 1/2” -1” strips. All that is left is to wrap the strips of felt around the box and tie at the top in a knot. Trim the ends so that they are all even and you have a pretty striped and ruffly wrapped gift.

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This process also works with strips of tulle or jersey knit.

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And there you have it, 4 unique ways to wrap a gift that don’t include gift wrap and that can all be made with a trip to your local JOANN!

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