French Braid Fleece Scarf DIY

Dec 9, 2014 By Jessica Abbott
French Braid Fleece Scarf DIY

DIY French Braid Scarf Tutorial

Thanks to a very popular ice princess movie, french braids are BACK. And what better way to give a handmade gift than to infuse the latest trends into their fashion wardrobe. The french braid scarf is super easy to do, and is essentially a no-sew project. Which means even your teenager can make this scarf! All you need is some fleece fabric, and a good pair of fabric scissors, and you can have a chic, soft scarf in under an hour. Perfect for snuggling up in the cold weather, in your own cozy corner with a beloved book.

DIY French Braid Scarf Tutorial
DIY French Braid Scarf Tutorial



DIY French Braid Scarf Supplies

● 2 yds of no-pill Fleece fabric
● Fabric scissors / Rotary Cutter
● Darning Needle
● Needle and thread
● *Optional – button



DIY French Braid Scarf Step One

Step One: Fold your fleece fabric in half, from selvage to selvage. Fold again, bringing the selvage edges up towards the center fold on top. Leave a 1” gap between the fold and the selvage edges. Using a rotary cutter or scissors, cut 1” slits from the bottom up to the top fold, leaving the top 1” in tact.

DIY French Braid Scarf Step Two

Step Two: Open up your fleece, so that the uncut fold is in the center. Pin the top edge to something sturdy to hold in place.

Leaving the very top (2) strips untouched, grab the strips underneath and start braiding. As you work your way down the center, continue to grab more strips and add them into the braid. Creating a true ‘French Braid’ with your fabric.

As your work your way down, the strips from the top will end. Just tuck the ends into your braid underneath other fleece strips, and keep on working.

DIY French Braid Scarf Step Three

Step Three: Continue until your braid is approximately 60” long.

Using an excess fleece strip, tie it nice and tight around the bottom end of your braid. Make a knot.

Cut off excess fleece strips about 8” down from your knot – making a nice straight cut. This should give you a bit of a fringe pom bottom.

Wrap around the top of your braid, so that it connects with the other side and forms a nice big circle. The diameter of your circle should be approximately 14”.

DIY French Braid Scarf Step Four

Step Four: Wrap one of the loose fleece strips (from the top of your braid) around the other side of the scarf. Pin in place.

If using a button, hand sew the button to the wrapped around fleece strip to secure in place. If no button is desired, simply hand stitch the wrapped around fleece strip in place with a few whipstitches along the edge.

Thread the other loose fleece strip through a darning needle, and gently weave it back and forth through the braided scarf until you reach the end.

DIY French Braid Scarf Step Five

And you are done!

DIY French Braid Scarf Tutorial

Enjoy your new fleece scarf as you wear it with pride, or feel confident as you wrap up your handmade gift for the special person in your life! You have just made a unique present that she is going to love.

DIY French Braid Scarf Tutorial
DIY French Braid Scarf Tutorial

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