Fur Bow Scarf DIY

Jan 14, 2016 By Jessica Abbott
Fur Bow Scarf DIY

Keep warm this winter with a fake fur scarf! Sewing with fur doesn’t have to be intimidating. With just a little bit of knowledge up front, you will find that sewing with fur can be easy and fun! Fur hides all sorts of mistakes, and can be a lot like sewing with fleece or minky if you follow these simple tips. So go ahead and have some fun and try sewing with a new textile for the new year! Make a fur scarf with a giant whimsical bow that is sure to be the talk of the party at your next get together.

Fur Bow Scarf DIY

Fur Bow Scarf DIY

Before you get started, here are 10 tips for sewing fake fur:

1. If this is your first time sewing fur, know that the heavier/longer the fur length = the harder it is to sew. You might consider trying a fur with a low pile for greatest success for this entry level fake fur sewing project.

2. Mark the grainline on the back of the fur with an arrow in the direction the fur lays. Make sure to cut all pattern pieces with the grainline as indicated.

3. Do not cut fur fabric on the fold, and only cut 1 layer of fur at a time.

4. Cut out the pattern with the fur lying wrong side up.

5. If using a pattern, use pattern weights.

6. For less mess, when cutting fur try to cut the backing only and not the fur itself.

7. Using a walking foot helps the fur not to shift when sewing.

8. Seam allowances should be ¼” to help eliminate bulk.

9. If needed, use a seam ripper or pin to gently pull fur out of seams.

10. Keep a vacuum handy and always, always, ALWAYS clean your sewing machine properly when the project is finished.

Now you’re ready to start the scarf!

Skill Level: Intermediate
Time Needed: 2 hours


● (1) 34”W x 20”L fake fur fabric
● (1) 62”W x 20”L coordinating knit fabric
● Medium/heavy weight universal sewing needle, 90/14
● Coordinating thread
● Heavy duty fabric scissors
● Basic sewing essentials

*Please note – You may use woven fabric for the coordinating fabric. But woven cotton will not drape as nicely in the bow form.

Fur Bow Scarf DIY

Step One – Cut out pattern pieces as indicated in the materials list.

Step Two – Place your fur and knit fabric right sides together, matching up one side seam. Pin, or use binder clips and sew using a ¼” seam allowance.

Step Three – Fold scarf in half, matching up the long outer edge, right sides together. Pin or clip long edge and sew, leaving both sides open. Turn tube right side out.

Step Four – Fold one side of the scarf ½” towards the inside of the scarf. Slip the other raw edge inside of the turned edge and pin in place. Sew a straight line along the top to secure.

Step Five – You will now have a large circular scarf, that looks a lot like an infinity scarf. Tie a giant bow in the knit fabric, using the center of the knit fabric to mark where the knot of the bow should go.

Step Six – Lay the scarf flat along a tabletop or other flat surface, and position the bow how you want it to lay. Pin the upper edges of the bow in place, and sew a few stitches back and forth along the upper corner edges on each side of the bow to secure.

Slip the scarf over your head, and you are finished!

Fur Bow Scarf DIY

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