Girl Scout Cookie Headband

Feb 19, 2018 By JOANN
Girl Scout Cookie Headband

Finger Knit, Samoa Cookie-inspired Headband
by The Knit Show’s Vickie Howell

Cookie time is a Girl Scout’s busiest season, and as a co-leader of my daughter’s troop I know how excited the girls are to get started! As a professional crafter, though I’m always looking for ways to infuse D.I.Y. with the other things our kids love. When JOANN announced their partnership with Girl Scouts of the USA, incorporating a potential troop meeting activity into one of our video collaborations seemed like a perfect, your-peanut butter-got-in-my-chocolate-your-chocolate-got-in-my-peanut-butter mash-up.

Finger knitting is a great way to introduce fiber arts to a troop, and is manageable for kids as young as Daisy Scout age. This project teaches a new skill, pays homage to a Girl Scout cookie classic, and makes for a fun accessory. Enjoy!

Oh, and scout leaders, feel free to use our Facebook Live video for this project to help teach your girls to finger knit!Girl ScoutMATERIALS

Lion Brand Homespun, in color: Sierra (or similar boucle yarn to mock toasted coconut.) –1 skein makes several

Lion Brand Heartland, in color: Sequoia (or similar brown yarn to mock chocolate.) –1 skein makes several

1 sheet Brown, stiff craft felt

Tapestry needle



Glue gun

Optional: Card stock with “Cookie Time!” text printed out.


Step 1: Using lighter colored yarn, yarn-wrap around 3 fingers (see our video.)

Step 2: Finger knit until piece measures 12”/30.5 cm.

Step 3: Fasten off, leaving a long tail for seaming.


Step 1: Weave in shorter tail.

Step 2: Roll piece in a spiral, leaving a hole at the center; use long tail and tapestry needle to sew the spiral strands in place.

Step 3: Cut stiff felt (“chocolate”) to shape of spiral (“coconut”) piece; hot glue to the back of piece. Your cookie’s finished! Step 4: Hot glue cookie to headband, along with optional card stock sign.Cookie Headband**Vickie Howell is the Creator and Host of The Knit Show with Vickie Howell. For more information go YouTube, or Follow @vickiehowell and @theknitshow for more, yarn-y inspo!**


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