Heart Attack Valentine’s Day T-Shirt

Feb 8, 2015 By Merrick White
Heart Attack Valentine’s Day T-Shirt

With Valentine’s Day only a week away, things are getting very pink and heart-y around my house! I just couldn’t help but bring it into my wardrobe. Although dressing up for Valentine’s Day is always fun, it’s also great to have some casual options, so today I’m sharing a fun and easy felt heart t-shirt that you can wear during the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, or on the day of if your plans are more casual!

DIY Valentine's Day Heart Attack  T-Shirt Valentine's Day Outfit


Plain t-shirt (v-neck or crew neck)
2 sheets of felt
matching thread

DIY Directions for Heart Attack Valentine's Day T-Shirt

Step 1. Cut out your felt hearts. They should be about 2 1/2″ tall and 3″ wide. Use a cookie cutter or paper pattern to keep them all the same size.

Step 2. Try on your shirt and position the hearts to your liking. You can do whatever pattern you’d like — I did three rows of three. Carefully pin in place while your shirt is still on. (If you take it off and pin, the hearts will move out of place when your shirt stretches over your curves). Tip: pin one vertical row in place, then sew. Then pin the next vertical row in place, then sew. Repeat.

Step 3. With your hearts pinned securely in place, sew down the middle of each vertical row of hearts, attaching them all to the shirt. Repeat for the second and third vertical rows.

Step 4. Once all three rows are sew in place, carefully sew around the border of each heart, stitching it in place. Make sure your t-shirt lays flat and smooth when sewing the hearts. Repeat until all the hearts are completely attached. Turn inside out and press flat.

And you’re done! Happy Valentine’s Day!

note: hand wash only

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