How To Build A Snowman Wreath for Christmas

Nov 24, 2016 By Kim Byers
How To Build A Snowman Wreath for Christmas

Have you started decking your halls for Christmas yet? You may remember that my little family moved from Ohio to Alabama this year. Snow was everywhere up there and nowhere down here. Well we love it here, but the kids want snow for Christmas so I’m crafting up a little winter wonderland for them! Hi! I’m Kim Byers of The Celebration Shoppe. Let’s get crafty and I’ll teach you how to make a super easy snowman wreath! First, let’s hop over to your local Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores for a few supplies.

To make this snowman wreath, you’ll only need a few things:
• 18” white wreath
• 2 black felt sheets, backed (available in-store)
• 1 orange felt sheet, backed (available in-store)
• 1 red felt sheet, 11 x 17, backed (available in-store)
• 1 red glitter foam sheet
White Painters Pen
Elmer’s Xtreme Glue and/or hot glue gun
• Mini white clothespins (available in-store)
White chenille wire stems
Scissors (plus wire cutters if you prefer not to use scissors on stems)
• Optional: Command Strip heavy hangers

snowman wreath

Easy instructions:
1. Fluff – start by fluffing the wreath so you can determine exactly how big it will be. If needed, adjust my hat, nose and scarf measurements to fit.

2. Cut out hat – cut each piece of felt or foam. If you have a straight edge trimmer, those work great for the straight cuts. For the hat, use the black felt and cut two pieces: 8.5″ x 9” for the top hat and 2″ x 12” for the rim. Add a layer of glitter foam to make it sparkle. This piece should be 2″ x 9”.

3. Cut out nose – cut orange felt 2″ x 8” and then fussy cut the ridges and bumps to look like a carrot.

4. Draw – using a white Painters Pen, draw growth lines on the carrot to give it dimension.

5. Cut out scarf – using the larger red felt, fussy cut out two scarf pieces. Just make sure that your second and third cut on the scarf piece mirror the first so that it looks like it waves evenly.

6. Embellish scarf – glue two scarf lengths together at one end as if it’s blowing in the breeze. Using scissors or a wire cutter, cut 3” sections of chenille and place them 1 ¼” apart on scarf length. After all are in place and spacing looks good, glue them all down trimming excess when needed near overlap. I suggest placing the stripes on the bottom scarf piece between the top ones so that they don’t all run together.

7. Decorate – using white mini clothespins, attach each element to the wreath. If you’re hanging your wreath outside, you may want to also secure with hot glue.

snowman wreath

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As always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create, and celebrate with Jo-Ann!

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