How To Make Patriotic Mason Jar Luminaries

Jun 10, 2015 By Kim Byers
How To Make Patriotic Mason Jar Luminaries

Hi there! Kim from The Celebration Shoppe here with a fun and easy way to dress up your backyard for that fourth of July picnic: red, white and blue mason jar luminaries. I don’t know about you, but I love the mason jar trend that has been around for the past few years. There are just so many projects you can make. Did you catch my fruit coasters and colorful mason jar lids last month? If not, hop over and have a look!


These are so easy to make. You’ll just need a few items from your JOANN Fabric and Craft Store:

Let’s get crafty! Steps 1 – 4:

Mason Jar Patriotic Luminaries

  1. Collect supplies
  2. Make stencils – I chose two variations of stripes and stars. The stripes were easy of course, but the stars proved a little tougher. I actually started out cutting them out with scissors. Yep… it’s possible. But I was quickly looking for another method!
    TIP for making sticker stencils: Apply painters tape to wax paper and punch. The punch won’t work on the tape alone without sticking, but the wax paper gives it the backing it needs and allows you to peel it up easily.
  3. Apply stencils
  4. Paint – give a generous even coat and allow to dry overnight.
  5. Remove stencils – use a razor to outline the stencil, especially the stars, and peel.
  6. Roughen or age – if you like, use a nail file to roughen the paint up a little. I took most of the paint off of the raised designs.
  7. Seal – spray the jars with a clear sealant to ensure they don’t flake. Allow to dry per instructions.
  8. Hang – add metal hangers, insert candles or battery operated candles and hang!

DIY Patriotic Jars // Make your own luminary

Mason Jar Project // DIY Tutorial For This Patriotic Luminary at

A tip for hanging your luminaries, use fishing line. I use fishing line for so many things, like hanging balloons and other party décor. But if you get the right weight, it can be great for hanging heavier items too. And it gives your luminaries that “mid-air” vibe since you can barely see it!

Welcome to summer and as always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create and celebrate!

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