How to Create a Football Partyscape

Jan 31, 2018 By Jenny Keller
How to Create a Football Partyscape

The big game day is almost here! This year, host a football championship party with your friends and family! There’s nothing better than gathering with your favorite group of people with plenty of yummy snacks and a great game to watch.

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Hi, I’m Jenny Keller of Jenny Cookies. I love entertaining and can find just about any reason to host a party. I like to keep things simple, yet include special details that make an event memorable. When it comes to something like a major football game, I have lots of easy ideas to throw a party that’s sure to be remembered.

My favorite thing to create for parties is a dessert table. It’s the centerpiece of any party and typically where you’ll find most of your guests gathered. To celebrate the game this year, I put together a classic football table filled with delicious treats.

To prep for my party, I headed to my nearest JOANN to pick up a few supplies. I look for items that can be re-used later for other parties, such as this chalkboard that made a perfect dessert table backdrop! I simply drew a football “play” with a chalk pen and propped it up against the wall behind the desserts.

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Next to the chalkboard, I displayed this fun letterboard that doubled not only as décor but also our party menu! Both the letterboard and chalkboard can be re-used for other parties and events.

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To brighten up the table, I crafted a football field runner made from Cricut paper, white tape and number stickers. It was quick to create and added a pop of color on the table.

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As for the actual desserts, I chose three of my favorites to make from scratch and added a bowl of football shaped pretzels to include something salty. The first dessert on the menu was my signature sugar cookies. I decorated half as footballs and half as a field with a goal post. Wilton makes the cutest mini football sprinkles which made the cookies even more realistic and their rainbow non-pareils were the football “fans”.

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For the cupcakes, green buttercream icing was piped on to represent “grass” and the field goals and footballs were made from Wilton candy melts. Simply microwave the candy melts at 30% power for 30 second increments. When fully melted, fill disposable decorating bag with melted candy. Draw goal posts and footballs on parchment or wax paper. Let dry for 10 minutes. When hardened, place on top of cupcakes!

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The last dessert is a classic in our house. Football peanut butter cracker cookies! These are easy to make with ingredients you may already have in your pantry. All you need is: peanut butter, ritz crackers and Wilton candy melts in chocolate and white. Simply sandwich a spoonful of peanut butter between two crackers and dip in melted candy. Lay on parchment or wax paper to dry. Once dry, draw football laces on with white melted candy.

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If you’d like to color coordinate your party with colors that coordinate the teams playing, it’s easy to swap out the Wilton candy melt colors for your favorite team’s color.

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Here is a list of supplies you’ll need from JOANN to replicate this fun football partyscape!

Wilton Rainbow Sprinkles
Number stickers
White Tape
Sugar Cookies
Wilton Candy Melts
Chalk Marker
Green Paper Roll

What’s your favorite dessert or snack to serve during sporting events?

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