How to Host a Galentine’s Party

Jan 18, 2018 By Jenny Keller
How to Host a Galentine’s Party

Valentines Day is known for the love and romance but so often we skip over our gal pals and head straight for kids classroom valentines or get caught up in treats for our significant other. Our lady friends are who keep us grounded throughout the year! They encourage, inspire and get us through the day.

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Hi there! Jenny Keller here from Jenny Cookies. I love any excuse to throw a party so I started hosting Ladies Lunches for my girlfriends. Every couple of months, I invite friends over for some sort of DIY craft, activity or outing. We’ve decorated sugar cookies, made terrariums, wrapped Christmas gifts, visited the pumpkin patch, arranged flowers, made holiday wreaths…you name it, we’ve done it. It’s so much fun to break away from your typical week and spend a few hours with friends, doing something crafty!

In preparation for Valentine’s Day, I invited my girls over for a Galentine’s themed ladies lunch filled with dessert and Valentine making. There’s not a whole lot more I love than finding a pretty card in my mailbox, so with that in mind, I set out to host a get-together with sweet, handmade cards in mind.

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This party is simple to recreate for the gal pals in your life! You’ll want to start with a pretty tablescape. I always head straight to JOANN to pick out a fabric as my party inspiration. For this special occasion, I chose a white with navy fabric and simply folded it for a table runner. By folding it, you can use it again afterwards for other needs, rather than making it a permanent table runner.

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I picked up a few votives, vases and candles to decorate the table with. The wedding aisle at JOANN always has a large selection of items that work for a variety of purposes, not just weddings! I found a set of blush pink glass candle holders and some pretty vases that can be re-used for other celebrations.

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Instead of having friends bring items to the party, I offered to have all supplies on hand when they arrived. I chose a color palette of blush pink, white and navy, and kept all card making supplies within that color range. I picked up an assortment of cardstock, pre-made notecards, twine, washi tape, pens and fresh scissors for the ladies to craft with. The supplies doubled as table décor by arranging them on pretty serving platters and dishes.

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Since I knew our hands would be busy card making, I skipped the lunch portion and stuck with desserts. I baked mini chocolate layer cakes topped with fresh flowers and a blackberry. These are easy to make using a doctored cake mix, buttercream icing and a circle cookie cutter. Get a similar recipe here.

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Craft punches are really useful in card making, but also in hosting! I had found an XOXO punch that I used in party prep as wine tags! I punched an XOXO out of four different kinds of cardstock and then tied one onto each glass. My girlfriends were able to easily identify whose drink was whose!

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It was fun to watch each gal craft and make their own cards. We each came up with our own unique designs, using all of the same products! We made several different designs with the card punches, washi tape and note cards, yet no two cards alike!

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Here is a list of supplies you may want to include for an afternoon of pretty valentine card making!

Cardstock Paper
Folded Cards
Heart Cookie Cutter
Washi Tape
Glue Sticks
Craft Punches

Candle Holders
Votive Candles
Trinket dishes

Food (optional):
Rose or sparking water infused with berries
Veggie tray
Cucumber sandwiches
Mini layer cakes
Heart shaped sugar cookies

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