How to Make Your Own Spring Textiles

Feb 23, 2015 By Merrick White
How to Make Your Own Spring Textiles

Hello there, Merrick from Merrick’s Art, here! With spring fast approaching, I have all things color on the brain. Recently I discovered a fun way to add more color to my apparel sewing projects — make my own textiles! So today I want to share a super easy way to make your very own custom fabric so you can use it to make whatever you’d like. Once you know how to do it, the possibilities are endless.

My inspiration was a color-blocked Betsey Johnson dress that I spied while online shopping, and I had to recreate it. Whip up your own textile and the dress is almost the same!

Pattern for how to make your own spring color-blocked dress // Exclusively from for

What You’ll Need:
• ½ yard EACH of pink lace, peach lace, white lace, and red lace
• ½ yard EACH of pink lining, peach lining, white lining, and red lining
• white thread
• straight edge and rotary cutter (optional)

Materials to make your own spring color-blocked dress // A design featured on

Step 1. Start by cutting lace fabric into strips. Mine were 7”x36” each. Use your rotary cutter and mat to make very accurate cuts so your lines are straight and your cuts are even.

Step 2. Now cut all the lining into identical rectangles, 7” wide and 36” long.How to make an easy sew Spring dress on // Design by

Step 3. Now decide on your color arrangement. An ombre would be so pretty, but I went with this arrangement instead.

Step 4. Choose two of the colors that will be side by side and let’s sew them together. First lay the lining flat on the ground, then place the matching lace on top, lining up the edges. Next, lay the other lace on top of it with right sides together, lining up the edges. Finally, place the matching lining on top. Now pin through all four layers, and then sew along the edge, attaching them together. Serge or zigzag the seam allowance so the fabric doesn’t fray, and then press the seam open and flat.

Sew your own Spring dress by // Full tutorial on

Steps to make your own Spring color-blocked dress // An easy DIY from featured on

Step 5. Repeat for the rest of the layers until you have sewn together all your strips. Make sure they are pressed flat, and all the seam allowances are finished so they won’t fray.

Now cut and use just like regular fabric and make yourself something amazing for spring! How cute would an ombre skirt be??

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