Kids Craft: Doll Tutu

Jul 10, 2015 By Stefanie Knaus
Kids Craft: Doll Tutu

Summer crafting around here is all about the kids.  They love to get their hands dirty and make all kinds of creations.  I love seeing their imaginations at work and the pride on their faces when they finish a project.  Sewing can be a trickier craft to teach kids, but today’s doll tutu is simple enough for kids to finish with just a little help from an adult.

DIY Doll Tutu // Kids Crafts

Let’s get started!  For one doll tutu, you will need:

1/3 yard tulle
embroidery needle and floss
1 yard double-fold bias tape or ribbon
hot glue gun and gluesticks


We are going to work on a tutu sized for an 18″ doll, but you can easily adjust your measurements to create a tutu for any size doll.  Cut one piece of tulle 10″ wide by the entire length of the tulle from selvage edge to selvage edge.


Next, fold the strip of tulle in half, lengthwise and clip/pin along the folded edge to ensure that the raw edges are even across the length.  This will give the tutu a double layer and result in a fuller finished skirt.  Cut a 20″ length of embroidery floss, thread one end through the embroidery needle and tie a knot in the other end.  Now, it’s time for the kids to start sewing!  About 1/4″ away from the folded edge, begin sewing up and down through the layers of tulle.  Take a few stitches and then pull the thread all the way through to the knot.


Continue sewing and scrunching the tulle down the embroidery floss.  Setting the tutu on the table to work on it made the task a bit easier.


Once the entire length of tulle has been stitched onto the embroidery floss, even out the gathers.  Measure the doll’s waist measurement.  You will want to tie the loose end of embroidery floss into a knot to form a gathered length that is about the same as the doll’s waist measurement.  When you have your floss knotted off at the correct length, even out the gathers once more.


To attach the tie/waistband, an adult can hot glue a strip of ribbon or bias tape to the top edge of the skirt.  Match the center of the skirt with the center of the ribbon and glue.  If you wish to use double-fold bias tape (not pictured), open it up and glue the skirt in between the fold of the bias tape.  Sandwich the bias tape over the top edge and glue it shut for a nice finished top.  For single fold bias tape or ribbon, simply glue the skirt to the wrong side of the ribbon.

DIY Doll Tutu // Kids Crafts

That’s all there is to it!  Wrap the skirt around the doll’s waist and tie the ribbon into a bow!

DIY Doll Tutu // Kids Crafts

Congratulations!  Another successful kids craft session is complete!  Be sure to stop over at Girl. Inspired. to see what we’re up to!  Here are over 50 other Kids’ Activities for the summer!

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