Lime Lace Pencil Dress

Mar 20, 2015 By Merrick White
Lime Lace Pencil Dress

Hi everyone! Merrick from Merrick’s Art here. One of my favorite Easter traditions is getting a pretty new dress. The stores fill with them, but in the last few years I’ve started making myself an Easter dress. It makes a little more special, and gives me a fun spring project to work on. Today I’m so excited to share my 2015 Easter dress with you, along with a tutorial! This is a dress that will be turning heads for Easter, but also would be perfect for summer weddings. So get your sewing machines out — it’s time to make a dress!

Gorgeous Lime Lace Pencil Dress // Free Sewing Dress Pattern // DIY Easter or Spring Dress
Lime Lace Pencil Dress Tutorial // FREE Easter Dress Sewing Pattern

● 1 ½ yards lace (mine is a stretchy crocheted lace)
● 1 ½ yards lining (mine is a lightweight knit)
● bias tape
● 20-22” invisible zipper

Step 1. Cut out all your pieces. Use a fitted dress or shirt and skirt as a pattern. Cut 2 BODICE FRONT pieces (in lining and lace), 2 CAP SLEEVES (out of lining), 2 FULL SLEEVES (out of lace), and 2 SKIRT FRONT pieces (out of lace and lining). These should all be cut along the folded edge. Then, cut 4 DRESS BACK pieces (in lining and lace) — these will not be cut along the folded edge.

Step 2. Take the lining and lace of your BODICE FRONT and SKIRT FRONT pieces, and add darts. This will help them mold to your curves. Just pin the lace and lining together to sew the darts in — don’t add them on the lining and lace separately.

Step 3. With right sides together, match up the waistbands of the BODICE FRONT and SKIRT FRONT and sew them together with a straight stitch.

Step 4. Once the front of your dress is sewn together, cut a piece of bias tape to fit the length from the neckline to the waist seam. Pin it down the middle of the bodice and sew down it on both sides to secure it in place.

Step 5. Now move to the DRESS BACK pieces. Take the lining and lace pieces for each and add a long tapered dart on each side.

Step 6. Place the dress front and dress back together with right sides together and sew up the shoulders and side seams.

Step 7. Insert your invisible zipper using the instructions on the package.

Step 8. Now time for the sleeves. First, hem the lining cap sleeves. Now place the lining cap sleeves on top of the regular length lace sleeve, matching up the shoulder curves. Baste in place along the shoulder curve (this is optional, but it helps the lining to stay in place). With right sides together, sew up the sleeve inseams.

Step 9. With right sides together, insert the sleeve into the armhole and pin in place. Sew around the entire arm hole, attaching the sleeve to the dress. Repeat for the other side.

Step 10. Cut a piece of bias tape to fit around your waist. Pin and sew in place, sewing along the bottom edge and top edge to secure in place. Do the same for the neckline, opening up the bias tape and enclosing it over the top of the raw edge of the neckline. Sew around the bottom edge with a straight wide stitch.

Step 11. Hem the bottom of your skirt to your desired length and you’re done!

So who’s ready to make an Easter dress??

Lime Lace Penccil Dress // Easter or Spring Dress // FREE Sewing Pattern

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