Little Girl’s Easy Back to School Dress

Aug 2, 2015 By Merrick White
Little Girl’s Easy Back to School Dress


Easy Girls Dress Easy Girls Dress


Hey guys! It’s Merrick from Merrick’s Art here. With the start of school quickly approaching, everyone has back to school shopping on the brain. I’m excited to share two easy tutorials this month, one for a girl’s dress, and one for a boy’s t-shirt. You could whip up a bunch of these and almost have all of your back to school shopping covered!

Today I’m sharing the little girl’s dress, and this is such a fun and easy dress that you your little girl will love to wear! Plus it’s super comfy, and you could make it in a million different colors, prints and fabrics.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • ½ a yard fabric (I used a cotton/poly blend, but you could use knit, rayon, chambray, shirting fabric, 100% cotton…whatever you’d like).
  • matching thread

Easy Girls Dress

First, cut out your pattern pieces. Use an existing dress or shirt as a pattern. You’ll need a BODICE FRONT and BACK, NECKLINE LINING to match the necklines of the bodice front and back, 2 SLEEVES, and a SKIRT FRONT and BACK (the total circumference of these two skirt pieces when they’re attached should be about 2 times the size of your child’s waist)

Step 1. Take your sleeve piece and sew basting stitches around the curve. Gather your fabric. Repeat for the second sleeve. Now hem the sleeves to your desired length. Set aside.

Step 2. Now take your bodice pieces and sew them at the shoulder seams with right sides together.

Step 3. Now it’s time to attach the sleeves. Line up the top of the sleeve with the bodice shoulder seam (as shown) with right sides together. Pin in place.

Continue pinning the sleeve to the bodice, and then sew along the arm hole with a straight stitch. Repeat for the second sleeve.

Step 4. With right sides together, sew up the sides of the bodice, matching up the armpit seams.

Step 5. With right sides together, sew the two neckline lining pieces together. Set aside.

Step 6. With right sides together, sew your skirt pieces together on the sides.

Step 7. Do a basting stitch all the way around the waistline, and gather the fabric until the circumference matches the bodice circumference.

Step 8. With right sides together, pin the neckline lining to the bodice neckline, matching up the side seams. Sew all the way around the neckline, then tuck the lining inside and press in place.

Step 9. With right sides together, tuck the bodice inside the skirt, matching up the side seams. Sew all the way around the waistband, attaching the bodice and skirt together.

Step 10. Turn the dress right side out and press the waistband. Then topstitch the neckline to keep the lining in place, and hem the bottom of the skirt to your desired length.

And you’re done! Now go make 10 of them for your little girl for back to school!

Easy Girls Dress Easy Girls Dress


Photography by rad and happy.

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