Make These Sweet Rainbow Treats for St. Patrick’s Day

Feb 28, 2017 By A Subtle Revelry
Make These Sweet Rainbow Treats for St. Patrick’s Day

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up everything seems to be screaming rainbows and luck! Why not treat the kids to both with a sweet after school treats display. From cakes to cupcakes to cookies, everything can be made brighter with a little food coloring and a pretty candy rainbow on top.

Hi, I’m Victoria from A Subtle Revelry showing you hot to make these delicious, Sweet Rainbow Treats.

rainbow cupcakes

To create this rainbow treat display you will need:
• 2 boxes of your favorite white cake mix (or a family recipe you love)
• Frosting
A muffin tin that makes a double batch!
A square cake pan
Food coloring
Colorful frosting spray

rainbow cupcakes


rainbow cupcakes

1. To create your own rainbow cupcakes, cakes or cookies just grab your favorite recipe – prepare the batter per directions.

2. Divide the batter up into 5 batches and add in a single color of food coloring to each. When baked together you get a rainbow display that will thrill anyone this time of year. It works just as great with the frosting too!

3. Divide the batter evenly by color into the cupcake tray for a rainbow display.

4. To create the small cake look, bake the colored batter in a square cake pan and cut into 4ths so you can see some of the rainbow colors while serving.

5. Top with frosting that has been sprayed to match the rainbow!

Topping each of the treats with a Twizzler rainbow will pull everything together without a pinch.

rainbow cupcakes

1. Purchase the rainbow Twizzlers and a set of toothpicks

2. Place one toothpick into each end and then round into a rainbow.

rainbow cupcakes

These rainbow treats will work like magic to get everyone in the luckiest of moods and are a great option for bringing in treats to school this month.

rainbow cupcakes

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