Make your Own DIY Game Set

Mar 12, 2015 By Beckie Farrant
Make your Own DIY Game Set

It doesn’t take much to get me to play any sort of game. My competitive nature pretty much is ready to go at any minute. However, there is something about Spring that makes me want to play games even more. I think it is probably because when I was young I remember any time the sun was out my mom screaming for us to go outside and play. So my sister and I would bring games outside and play on our front porch. One of our favorite games to play was Mancala. The board we played on disappeared forever ago and my kids recently asked about the game. I figured making one would be simple. Plus I like the fact that you can fold this game to hide the pieces inside and. No missing marbles, thank you very much.

DIY Mancala Game // Make your own game set in a few easy steps from on The Creative Spark

Wood Glue
2 Wood Treasure Chests
2 Mini Display Boxes
Home Decor Chalk Paint and Paint brush
Small screwdriver
drill with 1/16” drill bit
48 glass marbles

Supplies to make your own DIY Mancala Game Set // Full Tutorial available on The Creative Spark

1. Remove hardware from the mini treasure chests. Knock the ball off the side of the display box with a hammer.

DIY Mancala Game Set // Full Tutorial available on The Creative Spark

2. Glue the mini treasure chest bottom to the sides of each of the display boxes where you removed the balls. Use wood glue and a clamp to hold it in place while it dries.

How to make your own DIY Mancala Game Set on The Creative Spark
DIY Mancala Game Set Tutorial // Exclusive JOANN Fabric and Craft Stores Project

3. Once dry paint the boxes. You can use craft paint, spray paint, chalk paint, etc. I love using chalky finish paints so I opted for Folk Art Home Decor Chalk in coral and pink.

DIY Painted Mancala Game Set by for The Creative Spark

4. First I painted it Coral and then I painted over that with the pink.

DIY Craft Tutorial // Mancala Game Set created for The Creative Spark

5. Optional: With a piece of sandpaper or a wet rag sand the edges of the boxes to reveal the color underneath.

6. Once dry use the hinges from the treasure chests to connect the two mini display boxes. Make sure to predrill first. It will make screwing those tiny screws much easier. This will allow you to close one box onto the other.

Perfect for the kids! // Make your own DIY Mancala Game Set

7. Attach the clasp to the treasure chests using the holes already drilled.

Craft for the Kids // DIY Mancala Game Set by for The Creative Spark

8. Optional: Add some vinyl lettering to the front that spells out Mancala.

DIY Mancala Game Set // Make Your Own in just a Few Easy Steps // Full Tutorial from The Creative Spark

Add 4 marbles to each small box (not the treasure chests) and enjoy this easy peasy and fun game!

Keep your kids entertained with this DIY Mancala Play Set // DIY from for The Creative Spark

When you are done play just lock the game using the clasp.

DIY Mancala Game Play Set for your Kids
Kids DIY Mancala Game Set // Great for keeping kids busy on rainy afternoons

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