Make your own DIY Stockings

Nov 23, 2014 By Stefanie Knaus
Make your own DIY Stockings

Fur and Flannel Holiday Stocking Pattern

Hi there, Stef from Girl. Inspired. here! I don’t know about you, but I’m drawn to the faux fur and flannel trend like a moth to the flame. The piles of soft, cozy fabrics are piling high in my sewing room. I set to work creating a cozy living room for the holiday season with fur and flannel taking center stage over the fireplace.

Fur and Flannel Christmas Stockings

What I love about this fabric combo (besides how awesome it looks!) is that the thickness and texture of the fur and thick flannel give the stockings enough structure that they don’t require any batting or interfacing and they hold their shape really well!

It won’t take much time to sew these fun stockings and you will love hanging them year after year! To complete this project for a set of 2 stockings, you will need:

Free Stocking Pattern (click here to download)
2/3 yard faux fur (makes 2 stockings – use 1.5 yards for 5 stockings)
2/3 yard thick flannel (makes 2 stockings – combine with 2/3 yard of second print for more stockings)
1 yard 1/2″-3/4″ wide linen or twill ribbon (each stocking required 8″)
sewing machine or serger and basic sewing supplies

Step One: Assemble your fabric to make your stockings

Step 1: Begin by printing and taping together the Free Stocking Pattern. Use the assembled pattern to cut two stockings (one right and one left) from the faux fur and two from the flannel. For a finished stocking with the flannel as the main fabric and the fur turned down at the cuff, be sure that the direction of the fur is going from bottom to top when you cut the stocking pieces (see picture above) – this way, when the cuff is turned down over the flannel exterior, the fur will be laying downward. For stockings with the fur as the main fabric, cut the stocking shape with the fur lying from top to bottom (as shown in the remaining pictures below).

Step Two: Baste loop on the interior lining of the stocking

Step 2: Set the two lining stocking pieces in front of you. Use the pattern piece to mark the loop placement on the right side of one stocking piece. Cut an 8″ length of ribbon and form a loop. Pin the loop onto the stocking with raw edges slightly diagonal to the raw edge of the stocking (see picture above). Baste close to the edge, if desired.

Step Three: Begin to stitch your stocking

Step 3: Place right sides of the stocking lining together; pin if desired. Sew, using a 1/4″-3/8″ seam allowance, from the top of the stocking down the front side, around the toe, bottom, and heel. Continue stitching up the back side of the stocking, leaving a 5-6″ opening for turning the stocking later. You will simultaneously secure the ribbon loop into the seam – it will be sandwiched between the two sides of the stocking. Using a serger for this project makes it go very quickly, but is not necessary. If you use a regular sewing machine, you will likely need to clip the curves of the stocking (do not clip through the stitching) to make the stocking turn out smoothly.

Step Four: Sew the fur exterior of your stocking

Step 4: For the faux fur exterior, place the stocking pieces right sides together and sew around the perimeter, leaving the entire top open. As you sew, tuck the fur edges inside and away from the seam as much as possible. Turn both the main and lining stockings right side out. Press the flannel stocking.

Step Five: Tuck main inside lining with right sides together

Step 5: It’s time to connect the main stocking to the lining. With the lining (the flannel in this example) inside out and the main fabric (the fur in this example) right side out, tuck the main stocking into the lining. Insert the main stocking all the way into the lining until the top raw edges are even.

Step Six: Line up back and front seams and pin together


Step Six: Sew your back and front seams together

Step 6: Line up the back and front seams and pin the stockings together around the top raw edges. Sew together, being sure that the right sides are facing one another. Here again you will want to make sure that the fur edge is tucked to the inside of the stocking and away from the seam.

Step Seven: Find opening in your stocking Step Seven: Pull exterior of stocking through the opening Step Seven: Pull exterior of stocking through the opening

Step 7: With the top edges completely sewn, find the opening in the side of the lining from Step 3. Pull the right side of the stocking and its lining out through the opening.

Step Eight: Sew the opening in the lining closed by hand

Step 8: Sew the opening in the lining closed by hand – the stitching will not be visible on the finished stocking, but you can still use a slip stitch to make it nice and neat.

Step Nine: Tuck the lining into the exterior of the stocking

Step 9: Now, tuck the lining into the exterior of the stocking. Be patient and work the toe and heel of the lining completely into place, smoothing out any bumps or wrinkles.

Step 10: Once the lining is inside the exterior, fold over to create the cuff Step 10: Once the lining is inside the exterior, fold over to create the cuff

Step 10: Your stocking is almost done! You just need to fold the cuff over and presto!

Viola! Your Fur and Flannel Holiday Stocking is complete!

Ready to hang! And then make the rest of the set!

Beautiful fur and flannel holiday stockings Chic Christmas decor with DIY fur and flannel stockings How to make fur and flannel holiday stockings

I hope you enjoy using this tutorial to create an inviting decorative space in your home! I’d love for you to visit me over at Girl. Inspired. and see some of the other holiday projects we’ve been working on!

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