Mother’s Day Embroidered Dress

Apr 16, 2015 By Merrick White
Mother’s Day Embroidered Dress

Hi guys, it’s Merrick from Merrick’s Art! Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and like all holidays, you know I love having a new dress to wear. This year I was wracking my brain for a good Mother’s Day dress, and was inspired by the huge embroidery trend to try a little hand-stitched embroidery.

I made a basic fit and flare dress (I’ll share a tutorial for that soon!), and then added some super basic hand stitching around the hem and the neckline. It makes a plain dress super special, and then I added the “Mama” along the hem to make it perfect for Mother’s Day. This is a super simple technique you could use on any store bought item, and personalize it with your favorite motherly name.

Mother's Day Embroidered Dress // How to Embroider a Dress

Here’s what you’ll need:
embroidery thread — I used light green, purple, orange, yellow, and pink. (Purchase two of each color — I used about one and a half of each color to go around the entire skirt and neckline.
– thick embroidery needle (just make sure the eye of the needle is large enough to thread the embroidery thread through it)
Mother's Day Embroidered Dress // How to Embroider a Dress

Step 1. Thread your embroidery thread through your needle, doubling it up and knotting it at the end.

Step 2. Start on the inside of the dress to hide your knot, and then do roughly ¼” stitches all the way around the hem. To speed up the process, weave your needle in and out of your fabric as many times as it will fit, and then pull the thread through all at once, as shown in the picture below. Make sure you flatten your fabric and stitches out completely before moving on to avoid bunching.

Mother's Day Embroidered Dress // How to Embroider a Dress

Step 3. On the top row, along the hem, stitch your name with smaller stitches.

The fun thing about this tutorial is that there’s no wrong way to do it — you can do as many rows or as many colors as you want, as well as different sizes of stitches. Just make it your own and have fun! It’s a unique and special way to celebrate Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day Embroidered Dress // How to Embroider a Dress

photos by Sara Walk

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