Mummy’s The Word Arm Knit Gossamer Scarf

Oct 23, 2017 By JOANN
Mummy’s The Word Arm Knit Gossamer Scarf

Mummy’s the Word Arm Knit Gossamer Scarf

by The Knit Show’s Vickie HowellMummy Scarf

2 yds, White Crinkled Tulle
Rotary Cutter and Mat (OR Fabic Scissors)
Large-eye Yarn Needle
Spray Bottle with Cooled Coffee (Optional)

Finished Measurements

60”/152 cm long, excluding fringe.



Using rotary cutter and mat OR scissors, cut tulle into strips about 1”/2.5 cm wide.

Note: Don’t worry about cutting the strips perfectly; uneven strips will only add to the spookiness of the finished scarf.

Tie strips together using a plain knot. Leave tails from knots to hang, as these will add to the unraveled “mummy” effect.

Roll tulle “yarn” into ball.


Cast-on 4 stitches to arm.

Arm knit (see my How to Arm Knit video on the JOANN YouTube Channel) every row until piece measures 60”/152 cm (or desired length.)

Bind off.


Weave in ends.Mummy Scarf


Cut 12, 20”/50cm pieces of yarn. Holding 2 pieces together, fold in half and attach on scarf end, using your fingers. Repeat evenly across, both ends of the scarf.

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